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Headline – Prioritize your health with our fruit juices.

The world is becoming extremely fast-paced and in this race of becoming a better version of ourselves we are constantly compromising with our health. In order to meet the demands of the hustle culture its important to maintain a good health

Fruit N Juice will provide you with the much needed nutrition for a healthy lifestyle through its delicious range of fruit juices.

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Headline – Experience a splash of freshness with our wide range of fruit juices

Getting late for work? Don’t have time for breakfast? Tired after a long day at work? Experience the goodness of juicy apples, the summer tang of mangoes, the sweetness of bananas, the richness of guavas, the sweet and sourness of oranges and grapes, the freshness of watermelons and many more. Enriched with all the nutrients, Fruit N Juice is the perfect substitute for a yummilicious bowl of fruits.

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Headline – Customize your juice basket with your choice of fruits.

Mangoes, apples, bananas, peaches, pears, strawberries – name any fruit you want, we have them all. With a large number of options come greater responsibilities. In our company we experiment with everything our taste buds can think of so we don’t want you to feel restricted with your palette. Go wild with your imagination and customize your fruit basket. Select the fruits you love, mix and match and we will try our best to deliver them to you.

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Headline – What makes Fruit N Juice the best fruit juice production company in India.

Fruit N Juice always strives to cater to the needs of it’s customers to the best of its ability. Our customers’ health is our first priority. Proper Hygiene is strictly maintained from the start of the production process till the products are dispatched. The fruits that come from the farms undergo a complete cleaning process and only the best ones are passed forward for further processing. Our products contain only the necessary amount of preservatives which possess absolutely no risk to your health.

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Headline – Offers

We would love to send you some more happiness along with your basket deliciousness. If this is your first purchase, you will receive a basket curated by us. Order now and let us show you some love.

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Headline – FAQs

1. Is there any return policy?

Ans. You can return your basket at the time of receiving if you find any defect in the product.

2. Within how many days will I receive the product after placing the order?

Ans. The duration depends on the amount of product to be dispatched and the place of delivery. 

3. Does the product contain any harmful chemicals?

Ans. The product contains only the necessary amount of preservatives and  you can look up about the contents above.

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