Five Top Pest Control Companies in Plymouth, MA

To keep our families safe from allergies and infections, we all need a hygenic and pest-free environment. Many professional companies provide pest control services for residential and commercial establishments. We must know how to choose among different service providers. To help us choose the best, here is the list of five top pest control companies in Plymouth MA:

1.     Five Star Pest Control- the best pest control company in Plymouth MA

Founded by Richard Foley, who has an expansive experience of 25 years in termite and pest control services, Five Star Pest Control Company is a reliable choice. It is a locally owned and operated company providing pest control services and inspections to Southeastern Massachusetts including Plymouth County and parts of Cape Cod. The areas that come in the ambit of their services are- Plymouth, Kingston, Pembroke, Marshfield, Hanover, Hingham, Norwell Plympton, Halifax, Falmouth, Barnstable, Duxbury, The Pinehills, Hanson, Pembroke, Rockland, Carver, Wareham, Onset, Sandwich, Bourne, Scituate and Mashpee.


Phone- (508) 224-9419

Services Provided 

The pest control service requirements are identified, and pests like rodents, insects and wildlife are controlled and removed by professional staff. Different types of services provided by the Five Star Pest Control company are:

  • Residential Pest Control Services- To protect your lifetime residential investment from termites and other destructive insects, the company guarantees a professional and effective job. The common insects that the company treats for are roaches, ants, fleas, spiders, ticks, crickets, flies, stink bugs, bees, moths, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, silverfish, earwigs and centipedes. The Residential Pest Control Services can be availed with a one-time treatment or as a yearly maintenance service.
  • Commercial Services- Your business on the South Shore can be protected by the best pest control company in Plymouth MA. The Commercial Pest Control Services provide protection against crawling insects, flies including drain, fruit and house flies and rodents. 
  • Termite Control- Termites are a big problem in every state except Alaska. At Five Star Pest Control, they use Termidor, which is lethal to termites by both contact and ingestion. The main ingredient of Termidor is Fipronil, which has been used for flea and tick control on dogs and cats since 1995. Moreover, Termidor is odourless, does not need special equipment for application, is effective in all kinds of climates and is approved by the EPA. The cost of this treatment depends on the size and construction of the house or office. The termite treatments get a one-year warranty which can be renewed on a yearly basis. 
  • Mosquito Control- Mosquito Control services also include small-scale treatments for fairs, concerts, backyards, weddings, home parties, barbeques and corporate events. Dual method treatment is used by Five Star Pest Control. First, larvicide is applied to all standing water. Then pyrethrum is applied to all the trees, shrubs and shaded places where mosquitoes rest and hide. 
  •  Tick Control- Five Star Pest Control can reduce the tick population by 90% or more. They use the latest techniques and ecologically friendly materials to keep your family safe from ticks and tick-borne diseases. 
  • Carpenter Ant Control- The damage caused by the carpenter ants has been at estimated around 1 Billion dollars, as per the US Department of Agriculture. To get rid of these wood-destroying insects a perimeter treatment and ant bait gel is used. A second perimeter treatment is done after three months. 

Ease of doing business

The services of the best Pest Control Company in Plymouth MA are fully licensed and insured. Five Star Pest Control provides affordable services that are effective. 

Their pest control procedure consists of the following five steps:

·      Inspection

·      Identification

·      Treatment

·      Prevention

·      Follow-up

This simple process keeps the business with the top pest control company in Plymouth MA easy and professional at the same time.

2.     GreenHow

GreenHow is the only company in Massachusetts to have both industry green certifications. A unique money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service puts GreenHow pest control services ahead of other service providers. The main services provided are residential and commercial pest control services, termite control and mosquito and tick control services. Their service is provided by trained, licensed and certified technicians with the materials that pose the lowest risk to non-target organisms like pets, pollinators and people. What makes GreenHow more professional are the company’s core values: community focused, action oriented, result driven and excellent service.

3.     Aacute Pest Control

Aacute Pest Control is focused on offering superior termite treatment. It truly is one of the top termite control companies that offers its services in Plymouth, MA. It also offers a Forever Guarantee against Termites. It is known for its Integrated Synergy Termite System. They use non-invasive termite baiting technology, termicide treatments and integrated pest management measures. If termite is your main concern, look no further than Aacute Pest Control Company.

4.     Pilgrim Pest Professionals

Pilgrim Pest Professionals is a family-owned pest control company that provides comprehensive pest control and wildlife removal services. It serves the homes, businesses and the municipalities. Pilgrim Pest Professionals is a licensed Problem Animal Control (PAC) agent through the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Their pest control services include termites, rodents, ants, mosquitos, ticks, stinging insects, bed bugs and more. The wildlife control services include bats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and more. With over a decade of experience in pest control service, they have a competitive 24/7 service. Their organic treatment options make it safe for children and pets. In Eastern Massachusetts, Pilgrim Pest Professionals are the pest and wildlife control experts. 

5.     A1 Exterminators

Serving for over 65 years, A1 Exterminators have been exterminating pests and rodents from homes in Plymouth, MA. Apart from getting rid of pests, what makes A1 Exterminators unique is their Pest Prevention Plan for future pest control concerns. Pests covered under the Residential Pest Prevention Plan are- carpenter ants, pavement ants, silverfish, spiders, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, sowbugs, roaches, pantry pests, carpet beetles, crickets, hornets, mice, wasps and carpenter bees. Other special services of A1 Exterminators include Bed Bug Pest Control, Termite Pest Control and Rodent Pest Control. 

Choosing among the top pest control companies in Plymouth MA

There are many pest control companies in Plymouth MA, but when you want the top pest control company in Plymouth MA, Five Star Pest Control is the obvious choice. Apart from its vast experience what makes it good is its varied types of services, professionalism, affordability and ease of doing business. The other companies that provide services in Plymouth MA are GreenHow, Aacute Pest Control, Pilgrim Pest Professionals and A1 Exterminators. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How to choose the top pest control company in Plymouth MA?

The steps to choose the best pest control company in and around Plymouth MA are as follows:

  • Speak to the company’s representative.
  • Clearly state your requirements.
  • Ask for a quotation.
  • Decide a mutually convenient date and time.
  • Enquire about post sales service.

Get experience of and quotations from a few service providers. Analyse and compare. Choose the best pest control company in Plymouth, MA.

2.             Is pest control good for home?

Pest control is essential for home. It keeps the environment clean and safe. Many insects, flies and rodents spread diseases and dirt. Regular pest control ensures well-being of your home and family. 

3.             How do you get rid of cockroaches?

Few home remedies like diatomaceous earth, baking sode, boric acid, citrus, essential oils and borax help in getting rid of the cockroaches. Use of glue traps, bait stations and liquid roach deterrent are few aggressive approaches to eliminate cockroaches. Apart from home remedies, pest control companies offer the best solution for completely eliminating the roaches in your homes and businesses. 

4.             What is the disadvantage of organic pest control?

Some disadvantages of organic pest control are:

  • More resources and products are needed to meet the same requirements. 
  • Some pests amy still linger after the treatment.
  • It takes longer time to see the results.
  • Professional education to use organic pest control effectively is needed. 

5.             What business procedure does a top pest control company in Plymouth MA follow? 

Most of the pest control companies go through a simple business procedure for the complete elimination of pests. The top pest control company in Plymouth MA, Five Star Pest Control’s procedure includes: 

  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Treatment
  • Prevention 
  • Follow-up

6.             What do most pest control companies use? 

Most of the pest control companies use pesticides- pyrethrins and pyrethroids including Permethrin. They prefer mild yet effective pesticides. Some companies also use organic options like use of pheromone traps, use of trap crops and othe organic techniques.

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