Five Tips of Effective Parenting

Parenting is the most crucial task of our family life. We do not have proper training for that. It’s all learning by doing. We follow our elders or what our parents have done to us. It poses a very serious challenge to the proper upbring of children. Occasionally it led to frustration and mental health issues. In order to deal with the situation here are five tips for effective parenting.
#1. Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem
Children develop themselves through their parents’ eyes when they are babies. In their formative years the behaviour of parents towards their words shapes their self-esteem. Therefore, praising them for their small accomplishment is of great importance. Allowing them to do things independently is necessary for their self-confidence.
#2. Catch them When They Are Right
Think how often we react negatively towards them for their behavour and activities. However well- intentioned we may be, it has an adverse effect on kids. Rather we should ignore their minor mistakes and praise them whenever they perform some good act. We may apprise them about their wrong deeds at some other time in a very pleasant mood rather than scolding them immediately.
#3. Set Limits and be Consistent with Discipline matters
Some amount of discipline is very important for children’s wellbeing. Kids should be made aware of their limits. Expected behavior and manners should be explained to them. Parents should stick to the rules that they have made for themselves. It should not be relaxed for any sibling. Very often it is seen that parents keep on changing their stands. It confuses the child and creates problems.
#4. Make Time for Kids
Having quality family time is very important for love and affection. In modern times since most of the parents are working, they seldom devote quality time with their kids. Having a meal together, listening to kids’ ideas, involving them in some fun activity is very useful. It plays a very positive role in children’s long-term memory and cognitive development.
#5. Show Them Your Love is Unconditional
Too much corrective guidance and fault finding is not received well by the kids. Avoid always blaming them. Fault finding and criticism does not lead to any positive outcome. We must shower our unconditional love towards them for better results.
Parenting is both art and science. These simple five tips of effective parenting are really useful if kept in mind and implemented properly. We have to be very patient and calm to be a successful parent.

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