Five things that indiate the need for Skylight repair

“A roof over our head” is everyone’s dream and aspiration. A skylight on the roof is the icing on the cake, providing a beautiful accent and natural light to our homes & offices. It gives out positive vibes and also helps in saving electricity costs. A skylight is also attractive, enhancing the house’s market value.

Translucent or transparent glass or acrylic plastic gets used in Skylights. It is installed on the roof using a frame, flashing, and sealing kit by residential roofing contractors.

While adding a skylight in the roof looks very appealing, it needs regular inspection to keep it leakproof. If not detected in time, repairs can be far more complex and expensive than the average roof repair cost

This article highlights five alarming signs that one should look for if the Skylight needs inspection by roofing experts

  1. Visible Cracks: The skylight is a transparent version of the roof. Fragile material such as glass or acrylic gets used in Skylight, which faces the same brunt as the roof: sunlight, rainfall, winds, or hailstorms and, over time, develops cracks. Once visible, it’s time to call roof repair services.
  1. Discoloration: Over time, dirt can settle and discolor the skylight. Also, Acrylic is more prone to discoloration if exposed to high temperatures for longer.  If the skylight gets regularly washed by roof inspection services, it can get managed, or else in the longer run, it may call for replacement by a skylight leaks repair agency.
  1. Condensation: When the warm and moist air inside the premises rises to the ceiling and comes in contact with the colder air in the outer atmosphere, condensation happens. An adequately installed Skylight by a residential roofing contractor will have weep holes designed to release the condensed water outside the roof rather than inside the house. When one sees moisture around the skylight, it’s a sign of a leakage somewhere, and the same be checked by calling a skylight leaks repair agency for a free roof inspection. 
  1. Whistling sounds of wind: There are times when one may not see any visible crack, but if one comes close to the skylight, one can hear the sound of wind coming into the home. A roof repair specialist trained to hear such sounds, using ultrasonic sound detectors, will be able to detect such wind passing. 
  1. Leaks: Lastly, leaks will be visible when water trickles inside the house when it rains outside. Damaged flashing or inferior roof cement used to fix temporary cracks or improper fixing of the skylight might be the possible causes. If not addressed immediately, the leak may further increase and damage the walls and roof and may result in roof leak repair. 

While there are many quick-fix and do-it-yourself options available to attend to all the alarming signs explained above, the prudent choice is to call for a roof repair specialist to an inspection of the skylight, troubleshoot the root cause, and offer a solution. 

Conclusion: Skylights are a visually appealing and sustainable green option, adding light to our homes. Skylights need attention and maintenance. It is always better to look for the warning signs discussed above and call for roof inspection services to avoid costly and time-consuming significant repairs.  

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