5 Escapes from Emotional Suffering

When sentiments overpower, even normal-routine life appears a nightmare.

A person down and trodden could be in a state of mind, which is able to think of sensible and settled healings. Emotional suffering happens in the most certain manners at times.

It is not easy to stay calm following the general norms prevail while going through an emotional turmoil.

Be it a house-lady or a working-women, a businessman or a local vendor, old members of a neighbourhood or any teenager, etc. – they all come up with their advice to tackle the menace. Anyhow, it depends on the mental strength of the offended person itself, whether they are effective or not.

Here are five subjective points, which might ease the suffering caused by hurt emotions.


Waking-up cluelessly, without any previous plan, can increase 50% chances of more indulgence of acts hurting personal feelings & self-esteem. 

Daily routine i.e bathing, cleaning, eating, cooking or other occupational chores are heavy burdens during sensitive personal sufferings so cut them short. Do not spend much time & efforts on these never-ending tasks. One can not get rid of them so one should borrow a few moments from them. 

Don’t rush at completing tasks & jobs as soon as possible. Occupy mind & heart with some meaningful yet interesting activities.

Better to leave a creative activity half-done at the time of winding-up of day. It will keep you motivated for the upcoming day.

Follow the pattern of planning a day’s activities➡modifying(if needed)➡coming back to the original, basic plan when situations allow.

Will find flaws initially, yet stick to it. After a week or so there will be a remarkable positive difference.


Emotional instability often chased by workaholic behaviour, which is in a way good for sound sleep.

Slumber, rest, lethargy, hibernation, departing or flat partial death each one is bliss during emotional agony.

The eyes once in a while must shut-down and cognizance should absolutely or mostly be lost. One needs rest for the psyche and body.

Rest the cerebrum and cerebral & let go through a pattern of mind wave movement. Naps diminish development and responsiveness to outer stimulation. Sleep allows a person to move inside spiritually to some extent.

No doubt sleep is an excellent escape from all types of hardships. 


“It must  be positive or impartial.”

We generally think about tattle as inseparable from nasty bits of gossip, put-downs.

All people participate in some gossip. If nothing ideal had been said, don’t just anticipate & assume, it is unauthentic or rumor.

Anyone can be a hater but everyone is not a fool or idiot

Sharing of family news or a bunch of messages between companions could be miraculous at the times of emotional lows. 

Unfortunate & specific for females, even tiny peaceful conversations are perceived as acts of circulating stories & words.


We tend to associate binge with the eating disorder BED (Binge Eating Disorder), which can develop a few other severe issues related to the health & wellness of a person.

Bingeing is normally a system for overseeing agony or stress. Individuals normally portray a feeling of being “daydreamed,” uninformed of the size of the food being gulped or the overindulgence in any tempting, interesting recreation. 

While safe reflections and sentiments might be immediately reduced, it’s generally stalked by severe health issues.

Notice symptoms & beware

Eating till awkwardly full 

Eating while not feeling hungry 

Eating alone as sentiments of humiliation and embarrassment

Attitudes of blame or disturb with oneself

Bingeing is not an entire error some times it is the crucial relief. There are a few divine remedies.






Cooking cuisine

Unfolding any freaky aspect in a person

Indulging in opium substances (low or moderate level)

*Simply suggesting some of not much talked about solutions, which are unfortunately clubbed as the devils of society*

Any or all the above-cited stuff erases the sorrow for a while. A person doesn’t need to get addicted after a few rare excesses.

Please keep in mind that the excess of everything is harmful.   


Never shy away or restrict your best aspect. This will establish you approachable to the right ones & unapproachable for the wrong ones.

In times of emotional needs, most people crave for someone to share their sufferings.  In the process, most of us bump into the wrong people. We usually become habitual of tolerating undesired persons. People who take all the advantage of our pain.

Even at times, a heart-broken person bares all the abuses & harassment just for the sake of a few fake gestures of love & affection.

False approvals from an unethical, immoral person are quite similar to the “bingeing disorder” stated above. It provides temporary relief & serves ego massage.

Nevertheless, this type of emotional bingeing can destroy a person’s “goodwill” completely or partially.

An arrogant person who does not care “what another individual would say or do” is much better than a back-boneless, ever-sacrificing, ultra-flexible moral idol. 

Emotional pains or personal pains equip a person for the desired personal growth. Despite asking of the approval of others, now she/he is more aware of self-approval. This is the best learning one earns while tracking emotional suffering or emotional demand.


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