Five amazing places to trot for experiencing India’s gastronomical thrill

Our country is a melting pot of cultures and hence offers gastronomical thrill for foodies. The blend of multiple cuisines here is because of several invasions and travelers that the region has seen. The coastal plains of India take us through some delectable seafood preparations, and the mountains of North and Northeast have alluring drinks and surprising meals to offer. Visitors looking for amazing experience will find that every corner is beaming and teeming with some specialty, just ready to spark our taste bud. So, let us visit five amazing places in India to embark on this memorable journey.

  1. Kerala -God’s own country

One can dig into the amazing coconut-based curries here. The vegetables prepared with a mix of selected spices have distinct taste. All locally grown seasonal vegetables used in most of the preparations imparts the freshness .Banana chips and banana fritters are popular across Kerala. People fond of desserts will find the delightful Payasam as a loving treat to their sweet cravings. Furthermore,the famous Kerala parotta has a special place on all menus and so do the Biryanis of Malayali cuisine.

2. Kashmir and Himachal

The mountains don’t have only scenic sights to offer but also unique recipes. These preparations in traditional pots and recipes passed on to generations make it one of its kind and much sought after. The mountain cuisine is very amazing because of the locally sourced ingredients and rich aromatic spices in the food. Must-try recipes here are Kahwa (special rose-infused tea), Nadir Monji (lotus fritters), melt-in-mouth sweet bread Sheermal, Yakhni Pulao, and Kashmiri Dum-Aaloo to name a few. Thick and rich gravy is used as a base in many recipes from Himachal and a few amazing delicacies are Babru, Gahat ka Shorba, Arsa, etc.

3. Northeast India

  As mystic are the tribes of the Northeast equally unique and appetizing is their cuisine. Their recipes always carry strong flavors of locally grown herbs and leafy vegetables. Foodies looking for experimentation with palate must try out the amazing delicacies like Masoor tenga , khorisa (fermented bamboo shoots) , Rice beer , Axone (Pork with herbs) etc.

4. Colourful Rajasthan

Khamma ghani sa is not just a word for expressing welcome in Rajasthani rather It is the warmth that one feels in every experience when one is in this beautiful state. The mouthwatering dishes like churma laddoo, pyazz ki kachori,daal baati, sev tamatar leaves you carving for more. The bread is made of local healthy millets

5. Sweet Bengal

The city might seem sleepy but the taste buds aren’t for sure. Bengal has all the variety in food that one can imagine. Undeniably ,It has influence from Chinese settlements, the nawab’s culture, and its very own local sweetness. On the whole, its all mixed in one to bring out the best of Bengal. Whether its delving into humble phuckas or savouring  the Sandesh one can’t help getting lost in the diverse options of Bengali cuisine. For all non- vegetarians the prawns and fish from fresh water are tempting enough to indulge in more and more.  

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