First time I met My Husband: The Great Indian Arranged Marriage

It was raining heavily that day. Ishana’s mom woke her up from her deep slumber, “C’mon wake up beta, don’t you have to go to meet the boy for marriage”. “Yes mommy”, She dragged her feet out of the bed. Though Ishana was 24 yrs old but a typical mumma’s girl. Her parents had been talking about her marriage for a year now. So, she was very well prepared for it.

Ishana was brought up in a very loving but protective environment. She was an introvert and felt uneasy in expressing herself in front of the world. Also, She had seen a lot of unhappy marriages around her. So, she had been a little sceptical about marriages since childhood. She also never approved of any of the boyfriends that her friends had. She had a perception of herself that she can never have a relationship with a boy other than of friendship. She was unaware of the fact that all these things were etched into her personality which were going to hamper her relationship with her future husband. She had built strong walls around her which she was afraid to break.

Then came Nikhil in her life. He was highly motivated, full of life, happy- go- lucky kind of a boy. He embraced love and life with open arms. He believed in living in the moment, laughing wholeheartedly, loving without boundaries. They both didn’t know each other and were met only by fate. Though it was an arranged match but when they met it was love at first sight. They began talking and it was only Nikhil who was really keen in sharing his life. His only expectation from his future wife was that she should be ‘understanding’, “everything else, I can manage”, he said. Ishani was awestruck with the charm of the boy, the way he held the door open for her, the way his lips arched when he smiled and overall his personality which said ‘I am here to stay’. 

Ishani never had a boyfriend in her life but the idea of living her entire life with the boy whom she has just met was exciting. Rather, she was keen on getting married. 

When she came back from her meeting she rewinded the entire episode. Ishani liked Nikhil in the very instant when both of their eyes met. They were both shy to look at each other. And then, they began talking and tried to share their lives and aspirations in the short duration of those two hours. As she was thinking all of this, Ishana got skeptical as to how in these times of fast paced lives where everyone likes their personal spaces and where relationships are easy to enter into and move out, an arranged marriage is even suitable? 

They both had come from entirely different worlds. Nikhil belonged to the world where people had strong minds, had experienced various phases of life like work and love, and where people were vocal about their expectations and feelings. Ishana had only her immediate family and some close friends in her world who understood her so well that they loved and supported her at all the times. She was very content with her life. They both were of very different temperaments.

Ishana was left with a lot of unanswered doubts in her mind. Would Nikhil be able to accept Ishana only if she was understanding? Would they both be able to meet each other’s expectations of love, life, family? Would they be able to laugh together? Would they be able to comfort each other? Would they be able to live happily ever after? Or is the idea too superficial?

Please share your thoughts about the doubts that Ishana has regarding her marriage.

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