First Kiss of Eternal Love

His (my husband) hands trembling, a drop from his eyes made the form wet, he signed it rubbing his eyes. The nurse ran anxiously to the OT after handing over the form in the reception.

   The head doctor directed the nurses to shift the patient to the OT.  He then saw me, who was feeble, groaning in excruciating pain, unable to utter a word., l just landed a glance on him touching the tips of his fingers. 

In a short while, a heaviness soaked  my eyes but my ears were alert. The lower part of my body lost sensation after a shot by the anesthesia. The numbness made my body feel as light as an autumn leaf.

   The doctors are performing surgery while conversing and chuckling among themselves. Furthermore, I asked myself ” Is it a place to have a conversation? “. These thoughts wandered through my mind for some time.

 ” Note down the time:10:39pm, ” said the doctor. In a blink of an eye, a soft but loud cry pierced  my eardrum. I felt blissful, 18 hours of labour pain, 9 months of endurance  ended at this moment. I was yearning to  have a peek at my slice of love, treasure worth of galaxy. “ Is it a girl or boy?” The question crossed my mind thousands of times within 7 mins.

   Out of thin air, a soft touch on my cheek shook me to the core. My heavy eyes opened in an instant. “Congratulations! you gave birth to a baby boy,” said the doctor. I was overwhelmed with happiness, a  magical touch of his tiny fingers on my cheek electrocuted my whole body. He was wriggling all around and his presence on my chest lifted off tons of weight from my heart, a spark of excitement ran through my rear. I asked anxiously, “ Is he alright? ” The doctor said in an assuring tone that  the baby is completely healthy. That is  the most felicitous moment I have ever experienced.

   After a few moments, the doctor said that the baby will be entrusted with my husband and I need to rest. I was on a spell casted by my boy, I don’t want him to go away, I just want to fondle him.

 When he was about to leave resting on the nurse’s arm, I already missed him a lot, moving near, I landed a soft kiss on his forehead. It was surreal and magical, I remember the sense of soft satiny hair on his forehead with fine furrows even today and will cherish that moment evermore.

   In a while, I was  out of OT, welcomed by my husband holding our baby in his arms. His face reflected a sense of contentment and relief. My parents, siblings, in-laws, were taking turns to hold the baby and started giggling looking at him. Their faces are beaming with utmost happiness. This made me more cheerful and euphoric. 

   The first ever kiss of pure love for my son is from his mother, who is smitten by him right after birth. I believe that this kiss from a mother is the purest form of eternal love everyone is blessed with, in this world.

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