First Day of College

After completing Ram’s schooling, he applied for BE entrance admission under his state’s control of examination based on his public score. A few days later, the examination board released the ranking list. After seeing the rank list, Ram was not satisfied with his rank. Nevertheless, He then searched for good colleges near his town based on his ranking and applied for counselling. A few days later, the examination board’s letter confirmed his counselling schedule. He got the third round of counselling schedule and realized that it was not possible to get into a reputed college in the city. Then he selected a few top colleges based on the previous year’s ranking and went to counselling to select the college. Also, ram liked to choose the ECE department with good colleges in the city. Suddenly, ram saw the running window in the counselling hall, that all the ECE department seats were closed in the ram selected colleges. Ram felt terrible that he could not choose the colleges as he picked the few top colleges in the city because of his low rank. So, he was confused and felt bad for not having the availability of the seats that he wished to join the top colleges in the city. Later, He Picked a college with the ECE department as per the suggestions from his brother from running colleges in the window. But Ram was not satisfied with the college chosen for him, and very far from his home (minimum 12 hours journey from his home to college via train). He had never thought about this college, and also not on the list selected by him. Finally, Ram and his brother reached home at midnight with lots of confusion and the coming days of college. And a few days later, Ram got an allotment order along with the admission card for the college with a fee structure. After seeing the fee structures, ram worried about his chosen college and his family situation. His brother gave him hope and said he would take all the responsibility for another four years and concentrate on his studies. After a serious discussion, Finlay Ram’s family decided to join him at that college. Two days later, Ram went to college with his father for admission. After reaching college, first, ram went to the principal office and asked for the negotiation for the fees by explaining bout his family’s conditions and the extra time to pay half the payment later. The principal gave some advice and was given six months to pay the half fee. So, ram was happy, paid off the fee after getting permission from the principal, completed the admission process, including hostel formalities, and returned home with a cherished face. One month later, a letter came from the college about the first day of college and the welcome function with the parents.  And informed the student that they could bring their parents to the inaugural function. So, Ram went to the railway station to book the ticket for himself and his parents. He secured the tickets and reached home. And a few days later, A day before the first day of the college’s inaugural functions, ram got ready with the suitcases and the parents to the railway station. After reaching the railway stations, Ram’s dad saw the tickets for confirmation. Oh my god, says Ram’s dad very angrily. Then Ram asked his father what had happened. Then the father replied, what a terrific thing that you have done. Then, again ram asked. Then his father replied, you have booked the ticket for another day instead of booking for this day. Father said, without ticket booking, we couldn’t travel for this long journey. Then ram worried a lot about his carelessness while he booked the ticket. Ram’s mother said, Okey, Do not say anything about my son; however, we can go with a general class. I have to attend his first-day class and his inaugural ceremony of him. Then, they set their mind to traveling in a general coach with lots of luggage for their son. After a while, a train came. On that day, with the heavy rush, the general coach did not even have space to stand. According to ram,  the same thing happened. Ram decided suddenly, mom, you could not stand and travel for a night with this luggage; please go back home with some languages. Said Ram. I can manage with my suitcase. Ram’s mother felt bad about her son, and his father kept scolding him for his carless. Then, the parents got off the train, and ram only continued his travel with the tragic general compartment crowd towards his college. However, he needed to reach the college at the right time because other tragic things happened to ram. Because in that train, after the three railway stations, will be dropped few compartments for maintains purpose. Ram slept and did not move to the new coach that they transferred. A few minutes later, Ram woke up and saw why the train was still on the platform. Then He got down and asked the people who stood near him. Then they replied, you missed your train and needed to catch up on a new train. So you have to wait for another train to continue your travel. It was happening at 2 pm. Then he decided to go by bus, and Ram finally got the bus and reached the college. However, He missed the inaugural ceremony. He called the family and explained all those things, and again all started to scold him except his mother.


Now Ram is working as the team manager in the reputed MNC Company after graduation …

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