Fiction Writing for Broken Hearts

When life is at standstill, everything around us looks humdrum.  A peek into our imaginary flow of characters is a respite from the beats of daily life. Writing a fiction novel is a journey beyond the stimulus of a normal life. It’s a solid resolve to quench our unaccomplished thirst. 

The life we have not endeavored or experienced could take shape to face its outcome. There are times when internal conflicts break the barrier to outflow the canal of our demeanor. We aspire to be someone, only our minds could comprehend. The outburst of all these emotions takes a form in describing characters for the fiction. 

Sometimes the secret struggles we have encountered in our path could break a fence and appear in our character’s life. The impact and consequences of that devastation we have experienced might resolve the way we wanted it to be. The setbacks of our life could give a lead to a story so intense to break the ice in our inner mind. It grooms the harmony of our soul healing ourselves from the agony of our broken heart. Failure and insults of our life find a way to break the shackles and emerge its way to salvage our pain. It’s a console to our unknown half, to blossom its way to recuperate the wounds. This kind of eruption is the most needed stress reliever to smoothen our spirits. 

The lonely and the depressed mind seeks diversion in the most engaging forms. If we were to devise a method to treat that without pills, we should use them in maximum. The recourse to regain the lost peace is to engulf ourselves in this dreamy world. We get cocooned in this vicarious life so much that disappointments of the real world disappear. This gives a breakthrough in our life to be out of our puzzling problems and breathe the air of a fresh character. 

Often writing out the daily issues of life gives a reflective thought to resolve them. If only we were to use that method to peek into the life of a character we created, it would cruise us through our difficult times. Depression and loneliness have invaded mankind like never before. We are in a position to find any small ways to chase away the depressing thoughts of our mind. Why not invest that in writing a story of ours which could have met a different end? Giving life to characters we wished to be, will blossom our feelings to the unseen heights. No matter where we end up in reality, this artificial life will give much-needed healing.

Sometimes normal life demands situations to shed off our character. It could lead to the extremities of changing our motives and principles in order to maintain relationships and civilized life. The pressure that mounts on us for such challenges cannot be explained. The needed explosion of engaging ourselves in this fantasized world is tantamount to an expedition of a lifetime.  It’s a journey where we smooth-sail ourselves to a beautiful destination, where we aspire to settle our scores. 

Writing is an art that has survived time immemorial. However, it will appeal to anyone who has the will to form a story. Normal words and minimal requirements of language could weave characters and stories of our fantasies. When we have a space to vent our impossibilities, we should leverage them fully. This way anyone can wash away their sorrows by engaging in this cobweb of fantasy. There is no harm in entangling ourselves in something that emits away the tensions of our life. 

Fiction writing is considered to be a forte for the writer in us. What if it could turn out to be a mental exercise for a layman? Eloquence is hardly a qualification to sketch the life of our dreams. Hardly has there been a qualification to frame stories and characters. It’s a free-flowing ecstasy of exhibiting our creativity to its full extent. The story writers of the previous era mastered themselves in exploring the different facets of life with their experiences and untold histories. Let us follow their footpaths and find a way to settle our solitude.

3 thoughts on “Fiction Writing for Broken Hearts

  1. Very nice idea! Not only will this be an outlet for pent up tensions, but will probably help us bring out the child in us.

  2. Meenakshi Ramamurthy
    Very well written nice article. A good suggestion for a stress buster. Hopefully it helps some of the readers.

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