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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a platform for creating websites and blogs. One can easily create their website or blog for free cost. It is one of the popular platforms now for beginners as well as professionals. 

Why WordPress?

WordPress is preferred by most bloggers as it is easy to manage and maintain. 70 % of the top sites are produced from WordPress. It is now the most used technology to create a blog or a business website. The resume of an author from WordPress can update their resume to a higher value upon mentioning their membership in WordPress. Another key reason for the popularity of WordPress is that it is search engine friendly, thus can be easily accessed and is exposed to more reach among readers. WordPress also offers plenty of themes and outstanding designs to make blogs appear attractive to readers. Also, web developers are available at lower costs in WordPress.

Elements of a blog

Site elements include pages, posts, media, comments, etc. Design elements include site identity, Menus, widgets, homepage settings, themes, etc. 

  1. Posts- To add new posts in WordPress, click on the posts option and then click on ‘Add new. Once the post is published, we can again edit the post and click on update to save the changes. 
  2. Pages- The area on the site where all the contents are displayed. Common pages in a site include Home, About, Contact, etc. But one can add and update how many pages one wants to.
  3. Media- It is a tab in the WordPress admin sidebar which manages images, audio, video, and other files uploaded by the user. Under the media, there is a media library, where you can edit and delete files.
  4. Themes- Group of files includes graphics, style sheets, and code that dictates the overall appearance of the blog or website. It sets the site layout and hyperlink colors.

 Difference between themes and templates

Themes affect the design of the entire site. While templates affect the layout of a single page on site.

  1. Plugins- These add new functionality or extend existing functionality or add new features. To access plugins, at the dashboard, select plugins and then install plugins.

Free and paid blogging websites

Free blogging website- Users can easily create a free blogging website in WordPress. Free blogging websites lack certain features than paid ones. It doesn’t have an independent domain name. The domain name, WordPress is attached at the end. Free blogging sites are good for personal blogging or as a hobby. It is free of cost and also, and there is no maintenance cost. Users can transfer their content to their custom domain anytime in just a few clicks. Free blogs are most suitable for beginners.

Paid blogging website- In a paid blogging website, there is an independent domain name. It means that the domain name doesn’t end with WordPress and can be whatever name is given by the user. These kinds of websites are suitable for professional bloggers, businesses, monetization purposes, etc. An average annual cost of INR 5000 is required to maintain such websites. It is better, to begin with, a free site and move to the custom domain.


WordPress is the best that we have got today to begin successful blog ventures. It’s easiness of usage and the features it offers are the main reason that it is popular in the field.

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