Explain the meaning of an anchor text, a link, an inbound link, an outbound link and a backlink with examples.

Link building as become most important in digital marketing. Building links properly and efficiently can boost the website traffic, improves SEO ranking, and benefits much more.

An anchor text

An anchor text is a clickable link in the form of blue text. Which links to another relevant website from where the topic has been referred. Anchor text is also known as a link text.

If the relevant content is not referred in the link. Website user may find the webpage as not so authentic. Search engine may push down the webpage because the content didn’t add value to the user.

Careful use of anchor text can add more value to the website as well as it will boost search engine optimization.

Example: SEO packages

A link

In general a link is the bridge between the two polar ends. Like connecting point A to point B. Similarly, on the internet, a link is used in the form of a bridge between two websites. Which connects one webpage to another webpage. A link is also known as hyperlink.

Example: generally, a hyperlink or a link will be in the form of a word or a button in blue color.it is known as anchor text. When a user clicks on the button. The link will direct to the targeted link or webpage. It may be a referred content resource or image.

An outbound link

The link from a website that directs to external website is called outbound link, also known as external link. This link helps to send traffic to another website. Outbound links are also used as references or credits to another websites.

Example: like using a link to articles, websites, images, and quotes. Providing links to another websites and articles gives more credibility to a website. It is a kind of citation used by journalist and bloggers.

Example: outbound link

An inbound link

An inbound link is a link from another website to one’s website. Inbound link is generally someone receives the link to one’s website. The more inbound links one gets from high quality, high authority sites, the better one’s website can rank in search engine page.

Example: if a person took data from a particular website and gives credits to that website.in the form of a link called as outbound link. When people click on the referred link. It directs to the original resource. In the point of receiver end it is known as inbound link. By this more number of traffic gets to the website.

A back link

Backlinks are sometimes referred as inbound link, incoming link, in link, and one-way link. This backlink helps to jump from one website to another website. Search engine counts the number of backlinks in a webpage. If the page has more backlinks it will rank higher on the search engine results page. Google thinks the webpage as a quality and quantity content on the internet.

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