Everything you need to know about ridge ventilation

Ridge ventilation is an air-exhaust vent system installed at the roof’s peak to control the airflow throughout the house. An opening is made in the ceiling for hot air to escape from the attic. Roofing experts provide quality services for different types of roofs and have a roof repair specialist team who does the job within the time and budget for residential and commercial roofing repair requirements. There are primarily two types of ridge vents.

1. Shingle-over vents are for houses covered with shingle caps.

2. Aluminum vents are for places covered with metal roofs. 

Ridge vents are available in different shapes and sizes, made with plastic and metal (aluminum). The installation of these vents depends upon the type of ridge vents used. For continuous airflow, the work is done during daylight when all the systems shut down. For intermittent airflow, the work can be done at night as other systems do not affect it. 

Ridge ventilation installation allows the air to flow outside the attic reducing energy costs by 20%. An attic ventilation specialist makes a one-way flap in the vent for the air to flow out from the attic and stop it from coming back in. It helps reduce the cost of energy spent on cooling and improves air quality inside the house due to increased airflow. The ridge vents are beneficial only when installed correctly for adequate savings on heating and cooling costs. A proper residential roofing contractor can provide all kinds of Roof repair services needed for a house. The roof is essential for a home to be safe from damage caused by nature. 

The cost for Roof repairs depends upon the model and specific requirements of the house. Their experienced and skilled team identifies the problem from the roots and solves it. Their roof inspection services include the interior and exterior roof of the house and delivery of a report with actions to be taken for a cost-effective solution. They provide other services such as roof coating, roof replacement, skylight installation, roof maintenance, chimney leak repair services, attic venting, etc.

Ridge vent is an efficient and durable roofing system that helps reduce heating and cooling costs. Experts recommend installing these systems before winter arrives as they work best in a cold climate.

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