Enough is Enough

Having a good amount of formalities & felt like shouting ‘enough.’

You are not alone. Every single person who craves to be happy wants to get rid of formalities.

We are bound to start our day with the routine pattern:

Showers ⏩ Breakfast ⏩ Earning ⏩ Lunch ⏩ Gaining ⏩ Evening breaks ⏩ Friend Shipping ⏩ Relationship-building ⏩ Dinner at home or dinners at parties.

Formal behave won’t allow a person to be unique. Isn’t it strange that a person is so stuck in stupid formal behavior?

Even at the cost of unique identity, we are eager to become a part & parcel of the bundle of formality

Groups, catagories, associations, organizations, nationalities, religions, retuals, etc, etc. Base of the above mentioned icons are on few formalities.

Apparently, at large general group gatherings, formal behaviour patterns act as a code of conduct.

‘Smile’ in meetings. B why? don’t feel like. Always start a conversation with ‘small useless talks’ even you find them ‘off’ & ‘irrelevant,’ offer tea, coffee or food to guests irrespective of the purpose s/he must be having.

Many a time motto & purpose of the tasks, works, obligations get lost in the fairy, goody formalities. Marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, religious meetings, Social meetings are a few examples where we can clearly identify sheer waste of time & efforts for the sake of formalities.

Once a person gets into the habit of formal behavior, s/he is going to lack the art of impromptu actions. Guided by conscience, quick unique acts can break the cycle of monotonous formal behavior patterns.

Taking a leave once in a while from formalities is needed. Yes, we can’t go informal to each & every person or situation. But if we are keen at observation & act accordingly, we will surely be able to dodge the trap of formal behavior.

Whether at the place or at home. We have to show our best side to others. Is it possible for a person who doesn’t have any flows. Even in parties, get-togethers people move like puppets tied through the invisible strings of formalities.

In the era of global availability all the time with the help of digital space available. Ever-changing human social structure, workplace environment, friend circle, relationship status. Formal greetings, unnecessary bow downs, offering chairs to women, over the top salutations, do not make sense.

Formalities have lost their purpose in the course of time. Our life patterns do not support our formal behavior patterns. When it comes to becoming formal, it has become a mere formality.

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