Elements that help you create SEO-friendly blogs and websites.

What is meant by an SEO-friendly blog?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, and content relevance. A blog that has appropriate content relevance is an SEO-friendly blog. The important parts of the SEO blog are Anchor texts and Hyperlinks, Backlinks, and External links.

Many online platforms are helping people to build SEO-friendly sites nowadays.

Sixpl is one of the those platforms.

There are abundant websites which provide tips and classes in content writing for blogs .

Anchor text

Anchor text is an appropriate clickable text in the blog which takes you to the related website . 

It is usually blue underlined text, although the colour and underline are changeable.

Here “ipub page’’ is an Anchor text connecting with the Hyperlink of the ipub page.


It is the link that is associated with the anchor text . By clicking on the anchor text the user can go to the related website that is attached to the anchor text .Using the hyperlink the user can navigate through the pages on the internet .

Here “https://www.ipubpro.com/” Is the Hyperlink that is connected to the anchor text “ipub page”

Inbound link : 

These inbound links are also known as Back links are formed when another blogs and websites link your website . These back links decide the quality of your website . google views inbound links as an indicator that your site has quality content .

Outbound link

Outbound links are meant to take you to elsewhere .These links provided in your website takes you to other appropriate websites . These help the users to view the related websites that you provided using hyperlink in the Anchor text .

My page is the outbound link that takes you to the ipub page.

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