Effectiveness of AI Software in Content Writing in 2023

Writers are nervous and entrepreneurs are excited. Yes, this is what is actually happening for some time now, especially since people have heard about the launch of a few mind-blowing AI-based content creation tools. These AI content writing tools come in handy to generate myriads of informative write-ups for the selected audience with the push of a few buttons. That means if you are grappling with your content marketing plans just because you do not have enough monetary resources to achieve your branding or advertising goals, these applications can do the trick. 

Yes. Fulfilling your content marketing requirements using the Best AI content writer tools is a smarter idea than hiring real content writers for the same. Do you know why? Because relying on this approach will put a smaller dent in your pocket while attaining the same objective that actual authors can do. But the question is, what exactly an AI writer is and who is it suitable for? Well, to learn the most relevant response to this riddle, we would recommend sailing through various text stacks placed below. So, let’s browse through:

What is an AI content writer?

An AI content writer or AI content generator is an advanced computer program that turns out to be useful in producing high-quality content automatically depending on the keywords or topics you provide. Such virtual content creators are widely used to develop:

  1. Blogs
  2. Articles 
  3. Social media posts
  4. And other proses as such

So, if any entity is tight on a budget and they require content created in the twinkle of an eye and without a hitch, they can be better off with an AI content writer for free. This type of content developer is apt for:

  1. Marketers
  2. Righters, and 
  3. Businessmen

How does an AI writing generator work?

The first and foremost thing you need to do to use an AI writer is to input directions about tone, topic, length, and more into the application. Then, the content creator will tap those directions to scan the web, fetch information that it finds relevant, and take advantage of NLP or Natural Language Processing to render a content piece within a few seconds.

How can the Best AI content writing tools aid you as an entrepreneur?

Do you know that a premier provider of market and consumer data estimates that the total data creation will shift to over 180 zettabytes mark globally by 2025? Yes. And the most interesting part? Well, AI and ML will play a key role in such a massive amount of content production. 

While a swath of specialists see content creation using AI content writing tools free as a threat to real content producers, the truth is that the former will serve as an efficient assistant to enhance the productivity of the latter. In fact, some industry experts believe that content creation with the help of AI can help agencies offer a great experience to their patrons. The interested organizations can call on the potential of AI to process and analyze data to develop consumer-specific content. 

Apart from that, the Effectiveness of AI software in content writing agency is such that it can help them in generating several content ideas quickly. Their story generators won’t just give you promising ideas to produce customized posts for your business, but also for your upcoming novel or screenplay. Thus, if you want to make your target audience laugh or cry, you can easily count on these virtual robots.  

What can the Best AI tools for content writing do for you?

According to the most recent “State of Marketing Study” carried out by a top-notch Customer Relationship Management platform, the marketer’s utilization of AI upsurged between 2018 to 2020. Yes. It was a big jump from 29% in 2018 to 84% in 2020. So, now the query pops up, what is the main reason behind this boost in popularity of Free AI content generator? Simply put, AI can improve any company’s content writing and marketing campaigns in a lot of ways. Wondering how? Then, let’s switch to the benefits of using it:

What is the effectiveness of AI software in content writing companies in 2023?

  1. It improves their writing efficiency and scalability

The greatest benefit of using these AI-based tools is the pace at which it can create content, i.e., relatively quicker than real writers. A case in point here is that a human writer may consume 30 minutes to an hour to pen down a two-page article, while the same task can be completed by Top 5 AI content writing tools in a few blinks of an eye. 

Hence, when this writing efficiency is combined by the number of blogs to produce everyday, AI writing applications can improve your scalability of work big time. 

A few more benefits of this efficiency includes:

  1. Fulfilling the speed-to-market requirement like a cakewalk for trending topics
  2. Producing unique social media content for different platforms along with personalization
  3. Ensuring the localisation of language for various products or services in different geographic regions
  1. It strengthens their current writing abilities

There are instances when a human writer starts drafting a blog or article, but forgets how to finish it somewhere in between. So, in situations where they feel stuck on what to write next after typing a few text stacks, they can put some essential details into the Best free AI writing software to fill in the much-needed space. 

  1. It focuses on cost-effectiveness

If you have been running a content writing corporation for quite some time, you know well that employing “quality content writers” can force you to break your bank sometimes depending on a few factors, like:

  1. Total number of blogs, articles, guest posts, and other primers
  2. Actual length per prose 
  3. Technical knowledge required for the job
  4. And other similar things

Comparatively, most AI content writing tools would cost you around $100 per month for fetching hundreds of thousands of words on a monthly basis. Therefore, it is a wise idea to pick AI writing software in terms of cost-effectiveness when you need to create brief, simplistic content. 

  1. It reduces their research time 

Aside from tiny text stacks, if you are considering writing a long-size magazine article, white paper, or research paper at the moment, it will require hours of deep research to ensure perfection. But, are you aware of the good news? Frankly speaking, an AI content writer for free can drive down your research time considerably by scanning the useful content on the cloud within seconds. Then, all you need to do is simply figure out which pieces of research are relevant and trusted and which not.

  1. It ignites ideas and helps overcome writer’s block

A common plight of most human writers is that they find it an uphill battle to develop authoritative content on subjects they do not have expertise in. That’s when they come across writer’s block which is a state or condition where a person is not able to think about what to write or how to move further with their writing process. Now if someone wants to deal with this predicament without any help, they will need to do extensive research and reel in some ideas to produce content on their own.

But the moment they adopt AI content writing tools free, they will not just get enough ideas to generate different primers but also a reliable method to fix the writer’s block issues. Do you know how? Well, these applications are adept at creating detailed outlines on what to include in the write-up and other key points on the given topic. 

  1. It takes personalization to a new level

You might not be familiar with this piece of information, but the truth is that personalization is key to high customer engagement nowadays. And to create personalized content, it is essential that every marketer should understand their buyers pretty well, including their expectations. That’s where content creation using the Best AI content writer tools can emerge to be of great help.

  1. It enhances the performance of their social media content

Yes, you heard us right! If you want, you can improve your social media content development with the help of Artificial Intelligence. But, how does all this happen? For that, first you need to perceive that the main aim of social media content is to build the presence of a brand and draw more traffic to the targeted web pages. And to meet that need, marketers have to depend on customer demographics for social media content production.

Now, you will be surprised to know that the Best AI content writing tools can go beyond demographics and analyze the behaviors, sentiments, and even preferences of desired shoppers within a few minutes. And if you make the most of this valuable information, it can help you refine your social media marketing campaigns and that will translate into better user engagement.

So, now that you have wrapped well your mind around the Effectiveness of AI software in content writing agency, it is time to take a sneak peek at:

What are the Top 5 AI content writing tools you must give a shot?

Well, they are:

  1. ChatGPT (Free trial, subscription)

The first thing you must learn about ChatGPT AI writing generator is that it is a powerful language generation model that can help you perform a wide range of writing tasks. This state-of-the-art AI technology takes advantage of the machine learning algorithms to comprehend natural language inputs and produce human-like responses for the users. Due to its advanced abilities, you can use it for jobs, like:

  1. Conversation generation
  2. Language translation
  3. Summarization
  4. And more
  1. GetGenie (Subscription)

GetGenie is a solid AI content generator for WordPress that ships with superb content creation features. Hence, if you are hunting for a free WordPress AI tool for content development, GetGenie is the way to go. 

  1. Jasper (Free trial, subscription)

If you wish to have the Best AI tools for content writing at your disposal that can work with minimum input, Jasper should be a top pick for you. This AI content creator powered by GPT-3 technology can develop several types of content for you, including but not limited to:

  1. SEO-friendly blog posts
  2. Social media posts
  3. YouTube scripts
  4. Ebooks
  1. Writesonic (Free trial, subscription)
  2. Writer (Free trial, subscription)


  1. Rytr (Free trial, subscription)
  2. SEO.ai (Free trial, subscription)
  3. GPT-3 (API access through subscription)
  4. QuillBot (Free trial, subscription)
  5. ProWritingAid (Free trial, subscription)
  6. Frase.io (Subscription)
  7. Copy.ai (Free, Subscription)
  8. INK (Subscription)
  9. Wordtune (Free, Subscription)
  10. LongShot (Free trial, subscription)
  11. AI Writer (Free trial, subscription)

Finally, coming to the most monumental question, i.e., 

Will a Free AI content generator replace human writers?

As per a highly acclaimed leading software reviews and selection platform, 33% of surveyed marketers who are using AI and ML are relying on it to produce content. And the reason? Well, the Best free AI writing software is faster and cheaper than teaming up with a human author to do the same job. 

But do you know what? There is a reason the world’s best copywriters or content creators are not going to be unemployed anytime soon. Because AI can develop content in seconds but it can’t compete with the wisdom, creativity, and experience of a seasoned author. Instead, AI tools will make humans more efficient at rendering high-quality primers.

The bottom line

Needless to say, AI technology has ventured into our lives and is here to stay. So, unless and until you do not get rid of that urge to stick to your old working habits, you can not explore the amazing possibilities these tools offer. Be mindful, the Effectiveness of AI software in content writing companies is such that it can help writing professionals spend less time on writing side and more time on brainstorming. And the writers who will have humongous innovative ideas will be the ones to greatly benefit from these AI applications. Owing to this, the world will leverage the matter being expressed in a clear, concise, and impactful manner.

Lastly, if you want to peruse more primers like these, it is in your best interest to stay on top of the blog section of a cutting-edge web design and development company in India.  

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