Effective SEO writing tips!

Hey, are you also struggling with your content to come on the top page of google? If so, then only effective SEO writing can help you and your content to come in the top searches which can give your business a sudden boom, something that you must be waiting for!

So, before getting into effective tips for SEO writing, we must have full knowledge of what SEO is because half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Let’s dive into the topic with the first question in our mind:

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviated form for Search Engine Optimization, which is a procedure to increase traffic on a business’s website by using some definitive keywords in the content. This SEO technology majorly focuses on unpaid or organic traffic instead of paid ones.

The more people click on the website, the more organically the page will grow and SEO plays a huge role to help businesses, companies, e-commerce, and even nowadays small businesses to grow and attract customers through online mediums.

In other words, we can say that SEO is an artistic practice of getting pages to rank higher on search engines like google.

Technical stuff for effective SEO writing

Many people focus on the quality of content they use on a website page, while quality content is crucial for good organic traffic, but to get a firm hand in SEO technology and to have a more strategic approach toward customers one must be aware and use the following term in their content.

Anchor Text – The term “Anchor” was used in the older version of the HTML language and it is a type of clickable hyperlink which links two web pages of the same or different websites and brings the users to another webpage.

Link – In computing language, the link is the guided path for users to get access to digital data by clicking or tapping.

Internal Link – Internal link is the type of hyperlink that is used as a bridge to get from one webpage to another from the same website or domain.

Outbound Link –

Back Link – Back Link is a type of external link which connects two different websites and helps users to redirect from one web domain to another.

Importance of this Technical stuff in SEO writing

Many of you must be wondering, why we even need to use all these technicalities in our writing and how will it help in effective SEO writing and to get our desired traffic.

So, here’s the answer, At the beginning when google started its method to rank the website was majorly based on the number of links the website had, the more link you have more likely you are to appear in top searches.

But, one must not forget more links don’t mean irrelevant links, your links should be relevant and should add value to your website and article. If your website is selling groceries your link should not be telling your customers about electric appliances.

As in SEO, there is a direct relation between the quality/quantity of links on your websites and the engagement you are attracting.

To put all this in nutshell, the only way to have proper benefits of SEO technology is by understanding and using these effective tips in your writing to gain more customers and followers. And, if you wish to know more about SEO writing and effective SEO tips you must see our “SEO Packages”. You can also visit our website to hire a professional SEO writer.

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