Effective elements in writing SEO friendly blogs.

In this article we’ll talk about 4 elements/ links which can help you in writing SEO friendly articles and they are: anchor text, link, inbound link, and outbound link.

Let’s see first why links are important.

They clarify the value of a link and tells the readers where it’s leading them. Links provide your page structure and authenticity which can support your article.

1. Anchor Text –

They are the clickable words used to link one page to another of any website. When you add an anchor text; the word changes its color to blue and is underlined, which is a telltale sign that a certain word is a link to another page.

Importance of Anchor Text –

It enhances the user experience by providing them a platform/site which can help in answering their questions about the context. It also provides search engines with a clue about the content of the linked page.

For ex: Tips on writing SEO friendly blogs.

In the above example, we can see how the color of the word “SEO” is different from the rest of the content. Signifying, that when you click on that word it would lead to another site which provides the meaning of SEO. The URL of a site needs to be tagged to a certain word to change that word into an anchor text.

2. Link –

Short for Hyperlink, is a digital reference to data that the reader can follow or be guided by clicking or tapping it.

Importance of Link –

For small businesses, more links = more search traffic = more customers.

In simple words, it increases SEO as it adds to the credibility of your website.

For ex: To get yourself acquainted with the idea of SEO more closely, click on the given link https://searchengineland.com/guide/what-is-seo .

In the above example, the link is not just a word but a URL, defined similarly like the anchor text by the blue color and an underline.

3. Inbound Link/Backlink –

They are the links from other websites that points to your site. They are also known as Backlink. The other website is termed as ‘the referrer’ and your site would be termed ‘the referent’.

Importance of an Inbound Link –

They provide the largest impact as they are like votes of trust, credibility, and authority that helps out in ranking. Simply put, its an indicator that your site has high-quality content.

For ex: If you’re looking for jobs as a content writer click here and go through your options.

Now what we did in the above example, is provided an inbound link i.e., a link to another page of our website by tagging it on the word “click here” and guiding the user to another page of the same website. It tells a reader that a certain website has a variety of content to offer.

4. Outbound Link –

They are the links that points to another website from yours in order to provide additional information to the readers about the topic in hand. Simply, when you tag a link to another website on your website, its called an outbound link.

Importance of Outbound links –

By adding outbound links, your site maybe deemed of a higher-quality association. Also, Google can determine which site is spammy if a site regularly provide links of spammy sites. So be careful.

For ex: If you’re looking for job, register yourself. What helps more, is if you can maintain your profile regularly.

Above, we tagged a different website, to the word “register yourself”, just to enhance the knowledge of our users.

This was all about the key elements.

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