ECT Launches an Online Personality Development Course

“A majority of Indian graduates are unemployable due to lack of soft skills. ECT Personality Development course aims to make Indian graduates employable by focusing on key skills like self-management, communication, teamwork, customer centricity, digital literacy, market awareness, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial mindset.” 

Delhi, India, May 10, 2020, Education & Career Times(ECT), India’s only government recognized/ certified online and offline training center has launched an Online Personality Development Course. 

Up to now, ECT has catered to a certified Content Writing Course and Digital Marketing Course with 40+ and 35+ batches respectively. Now, ECT ventures into Government Certified Personality Development Course to scale up the employability of the nation.

Personality Development Course is designed for any age group groups. Employees can enhance their performance at their workplace.There are people who want to shine but always feel unconfident, introverted, passive. There are specific modules for each development stage in the course. Expert faculties work on each candidates’ individuality and cater according to their various individual barriers. 

The Personality Development Programme focuses on their confidence building. As Saket Kumar Singh, the Founder of Education & Career Times believes, “Confidence is the foundation of everyone’s success. ECT Personality Development Course focuses on the overall development of their training participants so that they feel confident about their authentic self.”

Secondly, ECT aims to enhance participants’ communication skills to overcome their different communication barriers. They also learn how our voice modulation and body language make a big impact on their business and personal lives. Along with this skill, one can easily monetize his\her business.

Happiness Mindset Modules teaches life lessons.leads to remain joyful and positive even in the phase of a stressed situation. Mind Management to tackle obstacles which are the need of the current society. Moreover, he/she learns to handle business smartly.

Whether you are a student or an employee, seek these 90 days of Personality Development Course. At ECT, you will groom yourself with a higher sound mindset, magnetic and pleasant personality that multiply your economy,  refine the art of living, and lead to a happy life on this planet. ECT trained almost 550+ and 350+ students with its Contents’ Content Writing Course and Digital Marketing. It has earned 20,000 community members all over the globe in the past 10 years.

Engage yourself with a Personality Development Course to come over the panic Covid-19 pandemic state. Be motivated in demotivated situations. Raise your morale.

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