Early Childhood Care -Education for sustainability

‘Three immediate amendments in the Early Childhood Care Education ”The vision of the NEP 2020 by 2025 is that , student in Grade 5 and beyond should achieved holistic education.National Curricular and Pedagogical Framework for ECCE will provide high quality education.
The ECCE will be delivered through a significantly expanded and strengthened system .The educational institutions , will have teachers trained in the new ECCE curriculum .

How can this be achieved ?
As per surveys , reports and studies, the intent in the Education Policies and understanding are in the right place.However, the application & execution would hold the key in NEP 2020.
Severe learning crisis in the ECCE in these most basic skills .

Primary Causes Of Learning Crisis
• Lack of school-preparedness
• Too little curricular emphasis on foundational literacy and numeracy
• Teacher capacity
• Health and nutrition of children
3 Specific And immediate Measures To Overcome The Crisis
1.Developing an Integrated curriculum framework-Development of holistic learning approach that implements the 21st century skills.

  • 0-5 years of learning will be flexible , multilevel, play-based, activity-based, and discovery-based learning.

Transitional education Grade 3 on wards maintaining the play way and discovery approach.
There would be more experiential learning in ECCE within each subject.Exploration and relations among different subjects, during the preparatory stage and Middle stage.
The curriculum and pedagogy in ECCE will be to transform the education system.This will education to real understanding and learning away from the culture of rote learning present today.

2.Spending resources on teacher training- New level-specific programs for teacher education . The programs will be with accordance to the 5+3+3+4 system of schooling .
Teacher education for all levels – 1.Foundational stage 2.Preparatory stage 3.Middle stage 4.Secondary stage Continuous professional development (CPD) -New steps to make CPD accessible and effective for every teacher ,to identify and document their skills .

  1. Introduction of veritable professional standards for teachers.
  1. A performance dependent scheme of promotions/salary rises.
  1. Modular, accredited courses will be made available to all teachers in a decentralized


3.Developing infrastructure to support the framework- An autonomous body National Educational Technology Forum( NETF) will be set by government to bolster the E- education
This unit will look into the digital infrastructure ,digital content and capacity building.NETF will provide educational institutions the latest knowledge and practices on E education.
E -Education will not only change what students learn in the classroom but how they learn.
The new ECCE will enable the students to take part and flourish throughout their lives.

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