Do I really need to waterproof my basement?

In general, house owners improve their look and sales value of a house by undergoing home improvement options. Home remodelling contractors handle home improvement projects in the market. This process enhances the look and space of a house. I handle the most common basement repair tasks with the help of contractors who provide services for basement waterproofing near me. Well-planned teams working under contractors work with full ease to complete it with perfection.

Basement waterproofing near me:

The basement is also an important area like the kitchen and bathroom in a house.

So, pretty good care is needed to protect the basement to avoid leakage and damage issues. Contractors who work for Basement waterproofing near me use different methods to avoid rainwater entering in basement area. Maintaining the basement will enhance the value of the house. To avoid basement leaks residents use waterproofing methods.

It also enhances the life span of the basement area with the proper drainage system. Companies providing services for basement waterproofing near me help the residents to keep their dry basement.

Importance of a dry basement

The waterproofing process eradicates leaks in water lines and seepage issues. Issues related to basements reduce the reselling value of the house. Under-maintained wet basement causes foundation damage to the home. A wet basement with leaks causes cracks in walls and they may break due to a lousy basement drainage system.

Damages caused by leakage issues are rectified and fixed with the help of the basement sealing method. Proper basement sealing methods will provide a longer life span for a neat and dry basement.

The basement sealing method provides many options to improve the basement leakage issue.

Well-maintained basement with a proper interior basement drainage system will allow the residents to use the basement for all purposes. The basement can’t be only a garage or a laundry area. It is a play area for kids and a storage area.

So a dry basement is important to avoid damage to the overall structure of the house, to prevent mold formation and to avoid bad odour in the basement area.

Waterproofing a Basement from the inside

Fill Cracks:

In this method, inside the wall crack hydraulic cement mixture filled up.

Seal Wall:

Waterproofs are applied to walls when leakage is caused from the outside wall.

Installing interior French drain system

Using a trench excess water is collected and redirected to the sump pit.

*waterproofing basement from inside

Waterproofing a Basement from the outside

Through creating proper slopes in the exterior area the excess water can flow easily from the foundation

Installing Gutter:

Gutters catch the rainwater immediately and redirect it to the proper drain system.

Popular companies work for basement waterproofing near me to improve the life span of a house.

worker applies bitumen mastic on the foundation

The residents need to make decisions regarding waterproofing their basement depending on the severity of the basement leak issue.

Need of drain tile system for basement waterproofing:

In general, the drain tile system helps to avoid excess water logs in the rainy season around the basement area. In some situations, basement leakages cause damage to the walls and floors of the basement area.

Excess moisture content creates this kind of issue. Examining the gutter and downspouts comes first to fix the basement leak issue. It is a simple process and medium-level technicians can solve the issue. When basement leak issues continue then the next level is to look at Implementing the drain tile system of the basement.

Installing a drain tile system eradicates heavy damage to the floor and walls in the basement area. In the Interior basement drainage system, Drain tiles protect the basement area from rainwater penetration

Nowadays it is mandatory to install a drain tile system for a house with a basement area.

It is not compulsory for houses having a natural well-draining soil type e.g.: sand gravel.

Two ways to install the drain tile systems are the internal drain tile system and the external drain tile system.

An alternate name for the Internal drain tile system is the interior basement drainage system. The internal drain tile system is installed inside the foundation under the slab. In the external drain tile system method, the drain tile pipe is installed around the constructed area under the floor tile. Nowadays new buildings are following these methods to avoid basement leaks and to keep dry basement

                    Place the pictures of internal and external

Types of pipes used in drain tile system:

  1. Rigid PVC pipe.

2. Corrugated flexible pipe.

Rigid PVC Pipe:

Though it looks like a normal pipe, it has small holes that allow the water to enter. Water can easily enter into the pipe by placing the holes of the pipe downwards on the floor. Extra accessories like corner fitting pipes are needed to change the direction of the PVC pipe, because of its stable nature. It costs around $8.95  for 10 feet.

Corrugated flexible pipe:

All sides of the pipe have slits, that allow the water to enter. It does not allow sand and soil particles. But it needs heavy maintenance support it is a less recommended type. It’s cost around $0.89/foot. Because of its flexible nature, it doesn’t need a corner-fitting pipe.

Both types of pipes have a 4-inch diameter and can be designed up to 18-inch diameter for industrial purposes.

Installing drain tile:

Though it is cost-consuming, installing drain tile pipes internally or externally during the construction phase will reduce it to a specific percentage. But it can be installed in an old house too.

External drainage system:

While installing basement waterproofing near me contractors use the drain tile pipes method to avoid basement leak issues. They install it at the end of the construction phase.

In the exterior area of a house, they dug a deep trench. They cover it with washed stone with 0.5 to 0.75 inch size. They use Porous fabric-like mats to cover the stone. It allows water but avoids clogging.

They cover it with soil and make it to ground level. This model allows the residents to change it in future.

After completion, the system can be modified with minimum expense. This method involves lots of digging work with the removal of trees and obstacles on the way to provide a good path for the water flow.

Interior basement drainage system:

An interior basement drainage system is a common method that builds an internal drainage system under the basement to avoid water logging issues. Implementing an Interior basement drainage system requires a lot of pre preparations. It includes cleaning the basement area to keep it clean. In pre-completed basements, the removal process takes place in the lower portion of the wall tiles and floor tiles. Newly constructed basements skip this step.

Here, below the ground, contractors construct a deep trench with a perimeter shape to collect excess groundwater. This step requires a lot of time and modern pieces of equipment. They redirect collected groundwater to a sump through a pipe. From the sump, they use motors to pump out the stored water to the storm drain, sewer system or dry well.

We need to channel the water depending on the slope available in the land. Considering a 0.5-foot slope will be much more effective in draining out the water completely from the basement area to keep the dry basement.

External and Interior basement drainage systems cannot give full assurance for basement leak issues. Blocks and cracks in pipes complicate the issue level.

Some more issues that can arise include the basement wall may get water stains, growth of mold, salt formation on the basement issue and water puddles in the basement floor.

Cost details of drain tile:

The cost needed for installing a drain tile system depends on many factors.

Few are

     Whether professionals did installation or through DIY methods?               

     Will it be for a new building or an old house?

     Is it an internal installation or an external installation?

Whether it uses rigid or flexible pipes.  

For a new house, installing an outdoor drain tile system requires the house owners to spend $50 to $80 per foot. The cost depends on the diameter of the drain. Some residents follow DIY method to reduce the expenses. It includes material expenses alone.


For remodelling an older house the expense may reach up to $50,000. It depends on the size and complexity of the project.

So spending a huge amount of money and time in building a drain tile system internally (or) externally cannot provide an overall solution to basement leak problems for the residents.

Getting help from an efficient contractor’s team who works for basement waterproofing near me provides solutions for basement leak problems. Their experience make them complete the installation work much perfect to avoid further complication to some point.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the advantages of basement waterproofing?

It extends the life span of a building. It avoids the structural damage caused by excess moisture through heavy rainfall.

2. List out contractors who offer basement waterproofing near me.

Tech Waterproofing, Wet2dry Solutions Private Ltd and M Waterproofing are a few of the contractors that provide basement waterproofing services near you.

 3. Do I really need to waterproof my basement?

The waterproofing process enhances the value of the house. To avoid basement issues related to leakage and seepage, residents use waterproofing methods.

4. What are all the methods used in basement waterproofing

Internal waterproofing and external waterproofing are the two different methods used in basement waterproofing.

5. Which is the cheapest basement waterproofing method?

 The cheapest waterproofing method is using waterproof paint. It costs around $1 to $2  per square foot.

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