Direct drive washing machine

Stress free laundry days.Whether it’s pouring outside or it’s winter that’s keeping your clothes from drying. Strong stains of kids or delicate clothes can washed separately. A washing machine makes your life easier in all seasons.

Selection of type of wash

Selection of different types cloth wash option available. Regular wash of daily clothes. Not worry of delicate clothes washed with regular clothes. Have a option of delicate clothes wash. Worry of viral infection can vanish by sanitization of clothes.

Silent wash

It’s direct drive motor washing machine. Which has noiseless washing machine.

Machine work on your order

Machine will work on your selected time . Delay time can set. You can work peacefully at your work place. No tension about delay time of water supply.

Hot water facility

Clothes can washed by hot water. Germs washed away from clothes. safe use of clothes.

Variable capacity

Different capacity washing machine selected as per number of family member. it’s vary from 6 Kg to 12Kgs.

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