There are a number of elements which make the search engine effective and these elements or tools need to be optimized to make a content popular and reach out to a large section of people. Here we have explained some important tools for SEO(search engine optimization)

Anchor Text: It means the text visible to the users in the search engine the moment they click. It is used to link one webpage to another. It is written in different colour,often blue, which can be distinguished easily from the other normal words. It can also be underlined and these stand out from the other normal texts.

Ex- There are different types of computer links. In this sentence the words written in blue and underlined is an anchor text.

Importance of Anchor text:

  1. Anchor text gives an easy hint about the content of the linked page.
  2. As it’s in a different colour and underlined,it helps the user to easily determine the topic of a webpage he/she is specifically looking for.
  3. A good, relevant anchor text can improve the website’s rankings on Google.

A Link:  A link or URL in a website is a word or button that takes the user to another location. It can be an icon, graphic or text linking to another file or object. It is also called a hyperlink. It can be inbound link or outbound link.

Ex- “” in which if the word ‘good home’ is clicked, it will open the good home page.

Importance of a Link:

  1. A link helps the users to explore variety of webpages.
  2. It is very important for online advertising as they direct the customers to go to the required location 
  3. The more the links ,the more the sale of the products and services. It helps the seller to estabilize credibility, trust and popularity with their customers.

An Inbound Link: It is a link which points to your own website. If you are receiving the link then it’s inbound link. In simple words when someone refers to something in your website they link it for their references or business.

Ex: If a blogger from the website talks about your recipe in a blog and provides the viewers a link to your website then it’s an inbound link. They are also called backlink.

Importance of  an Inbound Link:

  1. The inbound link establishes confidence and trust between one site to another.
  2. Inbound links coming from reputed companies, organizations or businesses show that your content is popular, useful and worth sharing .
  3. It generates good revenue for the blogger or company.

An Outbound Link: An outbound link is a link pointing from your website to another website. It is a link you are providing to another site. It shares your page with other pages. In simple language it takes you elsewhere.

Ex: If a blogger write about a recipe for making Coconut Fish Curry and uses a special kind of fish then he could link to a page  selling these specific fish.

Importance of Outbound Link:

1.It helps and  provides                         the  readers   with important and extra information   about  the topic they are researching .

2. It is useful for direct    mails, billboards, event sponsorships,   advertising, etc.

3. Linking one website to another website provides value, credibility and authority to your content.

A Backlink: When a particular website links to another website with an anchor text then it’s called a backlink. It is also called an inbound link or incoming link. These links from other websites point to pages on your own website 

Ex: 1. If a particular site ‘’ wants the user to refer to some plants in your website  ‘Plant world’, then he will provide link to your website as a backlink .

Ex: 2.                A backlink to with an anchor text as “SEO packages” would be SEO packages.

Importance of a Backlink:

     1.Backlink opens up window for the readers to explore more about a particular topic.

     2.It gives value to your website as other website is pointing to your website for reference.

   3. It provides the website or blogger both  receiving and sending the backlink to become popular and hence expand their businesses or services.

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