DATA ANNOTATION is an emerging field in India. This industry creates millions of job opportunities. It helps brands quickly manage millions of data rows, so AI gets the needed information for their process, delivering the best customer experience.
Some major companies in India provide services related to data annotation, such as
*delivering high-end services systems, *machine vision, *deep learning, *content moderation, *customer experience management, *image segmentation, *offering services in analytics and annotation, AND MANY MORE.

Before going forward, a question pops up that is,
What is Data Annotation? Data Annotation is a service that processes data to make it usable for machine learning and AI progress.
Simply put, it is a process of adding labels to the data. The data can be an image, text, video, or audio. Labeled data shows the features of data like Properties, characteristics, or classification to examine the accuracy of the data.
ANNOTATED DATA sets can train speech recognition platforms, autonomous vehicles, and translation systems.

FACT- 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every single day. Humans rely on technology to organize data. For this, it must undergo preparation for computers to find meaningful patterns for machine learning.

The rise in demand for DATA ANNOTATION services in India.
With the rapid development of advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence, most companies are outsourcing data annotation or data labeling services. As AI(Artificial Intelligence) powered machines check self-driving vehicles, magnificently discover medicine imaging, and evaluate legal contracts.
Data Annotation helped different types of industries to put their data in one place, such as Finance, Legal, automotive, Cybersecurity, and many more. Its top-developed features are the reasons for its rising demand:

  1. Accessibility of visually impaired 2. Adverse event detection 3. Automotive: Testing voice interface 4. Location tracking 5. Banking Industry online data collection 6. Multilingual speech detector 7. Customer Review Classification 8. Financial fraud awareness 9. Online Medical treatment 10. Telecommunication
    Hence, its surging demands are not only in India but across the globe.

India has been one of the most trustworthy outsourcing locations for data annotation. Because of its low-cost labor, excellent work productivity, and advanced technology.
Companies in India provide low-cost and high-quality image, text, and voice annotation services.
They provide services in various disciplines such as Medical and Healthcare, Automotive, Agriculture, defense, etc.
Multilingual text annotation services for high-quality visualization for robots and automated machines.
They offer services in dataset creation, verification, image tagging, etc. Also, have features related to natural language processing and content that controls artificial intelligence machines.
Image pixelwise annotation services for various types and formats of images, making detecting different objects easier.
They provide annotation services for ML and AI model developments. It applies data annotation services in IMAGE and TEXT VIDEO by techniques like Polygon Annotation, Cuboid Polylines Annotation, etc.
Video Annotation captures every object in the video by framing the objects in annotated lines which makes moving objects recognizable to machines.
In Content Moderation, data-driven content ensures the company’s reputation while improving its brand images, products, and services.
Also, it offers image labeling services for an application that works according to Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.

High-quality annotated data is an essential requirement for AI-programmed machines. The accurate and exact annotation helps the algorithm to perform better. Nowadays, image annotation is in more demand. According to a study, the global reach of the data annotation market will be increased to $2.50 billion by 2028.
It is being an emerging field with high salaries, as it is very time-consuming and tedious work. The highest salary that a Data Scientist earn is $220,000. Skills required in Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.
Data Annotation companies give their best to provide fast and flawless customer service and empower themselves to stand against various competitors.

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