Data Annotation and its Tools

The process of tagging the collected data or information to make it usable by machines is termed Data Annotation. It is a human activity of labeling content like images, videos, text, et cetera. It is a crucial part of Supervised ML as, without it, a system or machine cannot correctly read or analyze the input to arrive at its required output. The system depends on the labeled datasets to understand, function, and learn from input patterns to reach the desired outcome.

Since Data Annotation is an integral part of ML, the demand for Data Annotation services is rising quickly. Many companies provide professional services. There are three types of Data Annotation

  1. Semantic Annotation: It covers particular labeling documents to the concepts most relevant to the information. 
  2. Video and Image Annotation: It involves labeling images or videos using text, annotation tools, or both for computer vision tasks.
  3. Text categorization or classification: It categorizes the group of sentences or documents under a specific label. It transforms a text into a dataset that is to train machine learning. 

The work of a Data Annotation Company is to provide the specialists to impart your machine or system with the dataset it uses to learn, understand and function to get needed output. This procedure is performed through specific tools. 

Data Annotation Tool

The software creates premium-quality, tagged, or labeled training images and videos for machine learning. An organization can either make its annotation tool or purchase it from any company offering Data annotation services. The success or failure of one’s AI project entirely depends upon annotation tools. Tools play an important role in creating a high-performing model. 

Choosing the right tool can be a tricky and time-consuming task. It becomes necessary to consider the changing and evolving annotation tool ecosystem.

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