Dance of Life

I long for you sweet life,

And search for your low and high.

In the brooks and the books,

In the flowers red and the riotous bed.

I look for you, in eyes that say,

And songs slow and gay.

In the rain and the thunder that rumbles,

In the cuppa and the cookie that crumbles.

 I look for you when it is dark and thick,

When lights and sights, blip and blink.

I yearn for you in moments pensive,

Alone with breath, quiet and tensive.

You catch me unaware,

When I dare to bare;

A whisper in the din,

An assurance neath’ the sin.

You seem close, so very close;

You are always there I suppose.

Let’s drink of your cup, deep and strong.

And waltz to your beat nightlong.

Lead me on to the delight,

You promised when I first lay sight.  

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