Dadaji Life science Pvt Ltd.

The Company

Dadaji Life Science Private Limited is a flagship company of Dada organics Limited developed for serving consumers with General Category Allopathic Medicine in form of Tablets, Capsules, and Powders. We believe that a single remedy is better than multiple prescriptions. Driven by the same purpose we ensuring access to high-quality medicines since a decade by our group of Companies under Dada Organics. One of our Company Add-Shoppe E-Retail Ltd is already doing manufacturing and marketing for various Ayurvedic and Cosmetic Medicines.

Dadaji Life Science Private Limited is located in a highly developing industrial zone of the Saurashtra region in the city of Rajkot. Our factory is just 30 km away from the newly developing international airport of Rajkot, Gujarat, and 250 km from Kandala Sea PortGujarat. Dadaji Life Science is specialized in the development and manufacturing of niche and technically complex pharmaceutical products. The factory premises of Dadaji Lifescience Private Limited is developed in a 1567 sqm area with construction work done in a 1200 sqm area.

We are focused more on the research and development department to guide the pharma industry in a new direction. Our Morden and highly equipped lab with an experienced team of scientists tested each of our formulations for uncompromised quality before delivering them to end consumers. In near future, we plan to have certification from WHO-GMP and major global regulatory agencies.

Our Products

Currently, we have nearly 100 products in our basket and many more in our bucket list. That includes Anti-hypertensives, Anti-Diabetics, Lipid-lowering agents, Anti-Infective, Anti-biotics, Respiratory management, Hematinics, Anti-Allergics, Steroids, Psychotropics, Calcium and Vitamin Supplements, and others. The company has its core competence in chronic segments like Anti-Hypertensives, Anti-Diabetics, and Lipid-Lowering drugs.

We at Dadaji emphasize quality, reliability, trust, consistency, innovation, and excellence. These six sigmas is achieved due to our young, dynamic, experienced, and passionate team committed to highly effective healthcare for our consumers. Our knowledge and hunger for growth will make our company’s presence globally.

Manufacturing Unit:

The company has leading-edge manufacturing facilities spread over a 17000-square-foot area at Padvala, located 17 kilometres from Rajkot, Gujarat. The facility is based on WHO-cGMP guidelines. It features a multi-product bulk-manufacturing unit with an annual production capacity of over 500 million units.

We are highly equipped with machines and continuously invest in new technology, automation, and IT-driven systems. which makes us error free and confidential. We are well-respected for our commitment to quality and innovation, which has enabled us to deliver superior products to our customers at competitive prices.

Our manufacturing operations are focused on producing generics, branded generics, specialty, and over-the-counter (OTC) products in the full range of dosage forms, i.e. tablets, capsules and powder.

Facilities Tablet, Capsule & Syrup
Site Area17000 Sq Ft
Built Up Area36000 Sq Ft
Production Area12000 Sq Ft
Storage Area2000 Sq Ft
QA & QC Area6000 Sq Ft
Admin Area1200 Sq Ft
Production Capacity: (Annually)Tablets – 200 Million/Annum Capsules – 300 Million/Annum Syrup –

R&D Unit:

At Dadaji Life Science, we aim to make research and development our most utilised department. We never want the people in our community to give up. Our R&D department is consistently working to shed some light on the new path of the pharmaceutical industry in the pursuit of affordable and high-quality medications.
By providing access to the latest technologies and resources, we strive to create a space of excellence for our research and development department.
Our team of experts is constantly analysing the latest trends in the industry and aspiring to improve our products, services, and processes.

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