Critical analysis of the essay “New Cat”.

Robert lynd is an author known for his wisdom , wit and satire. His essay ‘The new Cat’ is a prime example of this. He wrote to the      amusement of readers. In his essay he tells about how cats kill a conversation. The author was visiting his friend Tom and his wife Stella who were back in London after being lost to civilization on the Buenos Airs. He was excited,to meet his friends after a long time and wanted to tell them about their friends, death and divorce. But all his plans were hindered when his friends started to pay more attention to their new cat Oliver Cromwell instead of their guest. The cat kept on interrupting them and all his words were followed by frequent calls like “olly,olly , olly” or “pussy, pussy, pussy”.
                                      From the moment they shool hands and sat down in the garden to the time for his departure the center of attention was the cat. They kept on ignoring the author that he felt as if he was talking to a deaf man during gale. The couple’s prime focus was oliver and would laugh and exclaim at everything he did. They kept on praising his beauty and skills. Every attempt from the author’s part for a conversation were destroyed by the naughty Oliver Cromwell.

                                 Lynd’s household has three cats. First came two small black cats Felix and Mr blacktoes. Felix was a stray cat given to them by the butcher. His ears were three times the normal size and his tail was like that of a rat. Although he didn’t draw much attention, it was so gentle, so malice free except to birds and insects that one couldn’t help but liking it. Ms Blacktoes came to their home one day while they were calling to Felix. She was beautiful but cross. She didnt like petting and would growl and run away if one tried to and purcat. The author assumed that she came from a household where they only touched her to pull her tail. Then came a new kityen named Tiger with stripped body, white dickie and featherweight of a paw. He was a curious cat who examined everything and would insert himself yo every space. It was hard to focus on something while he was in the room. He would play endlessly with a paper ball tied to a string. He would examine the knot or he would try to fight it or bite it. He will pounce on it or lie on his back and kick it from the air. The author was so happy that he even thought of inviting Tom and Stella over to show off his new cat.

                                The author is of the opinion that cats should only be looked at not talked about in the presence of others. He successfully portrays the awkwardness of the situation. Cats never care what others tell them and would often ends up in trouble. Although he was deeply offended and disappointed due to their attitude he himself admits he might not be able to live up to his expectations now that he also have cats. He points out how difficult it is to concentrate on a book when the new kitten wanders into his room. He make a note to invite Tom and Stella over as a sweet punishment while his cat is still a novelty. the author shies how much silly humans become with their love for their pets. He half expects Tom and Stella to purr with the cay. It is aldo ironic how the author wants to show off his new cat despite being against it. Thus the essay is full of wit and humour.


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