Coronasur: The Devil of the Century

Thanks to lock-down owing to widespread COVID-19 we got time to watch various mythological TV shows. I am a great fan of mythological characters. I watched various shows including Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shri Krishna, etc. This all was acceptable as we considered that we will be able to throw this asur away at this time. But with an increase in COVID-19 cases, our restriction on our premises also increased.

This is like a devil power has spread all over to engulf the happiness of the people. I have started imagining this COVID-19 as an Asur, who has come to Mrityulok from Pataal Lok. Since the disease-causing virus is Corona, I would name this devil as Coronasur.

Going back to ages in Indian mythology, we can find that various devils have incarnated from time to time. They have troubled not only humans but Devtas also had been their victim. In this Kalyug, Coronasur seems to be the most powerful demon for the last 100 years as it has managed to disrupt the lives of people all over the world.

Borne from a Chinese mother, it managed to trouble its mother first of all. It became popular as COVID-19. Like Raktabeej in our traditional stories, it multiplied in lakhs of form each having the same power of disrupting life. Almost all countries of the World tried to stop this devil but nothing would work. All the superpowers, who claimed that they could fight this evil seemed to become its biggest victims. Anyone who tried to face it got weaker and weaker and weaker. It had severe repercussions on global health and the economy.

There were various devils earlier also but not as strong as this one. We could always find remedy or any prophylactic action against them. But this seems to be the master of all of them. All the Nuclear weapons, Missiles, and ammunition that the human race has gathered as there Astras had failed miserably. They couldn’t be of any use against the demon.

Coronasur has managed to affect the entire world in every possible way with its weapons. Though the mortality rate is very low but has caused a huge setback. Whom it couldn’t infect physically, it targeted them mentally, socially, or economically. It played with the mind of the people. The economy of all the countries of the World has suffered very badly. People all over the World have no choice despite being inside the doors. All of this is making most of the people go into depression due to lack of job, money and also no one is there to talk to them.

Indians also tried their best to reverse its path, but couldn’t succeed. However, some of the remedies from ancient Ayurveda helped people a lot to keep Corona at bay. But then it managed to target them through a financial and mental crisis. Overall it is keeping no stone unturned to traumatize humanity in the world.

But there is always a silver lining in the sky. God has sent some angels in the form of Corona Warriors to help people. They took the responsibilities of homeless people and fed them. Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Paramedical staff, etc are fighting against this demon to protect humanity without worrying about them.

As human beings, we have a responsibility to not let any such Asur flourish between us just to show our supremacy. We always want to take control of nature. However, history is evident that when God as nature has shown its devastating side, humans have always suffered a great setback

Now when all the World has failed against this devil, people have surrendered themselves to God. If further also things keep on going bad, God himself will have to incarnate on Earth to protect humanity. He might be waiting to look at the extreme torture of Coronasur and for filling up of “Paap ka Ghada” of Coronasur. After that definitely, he will destroy this Asur. He will choose a medium to produce weapons against this medium, maybe any medicine or vaccine. After all, how can he let this beautiful fabrication named as humanity to get destroyed by this demon COVID-19?

26 thoughts on “Coronasur: The Devil of the Century

  1. Very fresh approch with rational and justifiable correlation with mythology. Its interesting in reading.

  2. All the words are beautifully described and the explanation of the line “there is always silver lining in the sky” is done beautifully.

  3. A beautiful explanation according to the current situation and beautiful intermixture of words through mythological facts and pandemic

  4. Very adorable analisation every line as well as according to face this time world situations .These are Daimand think.Well done.

  5. I don’t think I can give any comments on the content of my own professor who has tought me everything…. But explain very beautifully….

  6. Very nicely written hats off to your imagination plus knowledge and connecting it with present situation
    Loved it!!!!!!

  7. Excellent explanation and the most informative analysis in this panademic situation very good performance teching God bless you mam

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