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CONTENT is a king in digital world with a good content you can make site, blog, vlog etc whatever  the work you do  online  will help you to get top of the world that means if your content is genuine , interesting in listening or reading   you can get highly rank in GOOGLE SERPs. Content should be readable and make sure when you start your blogging make your article of 500 words it is a flexible strength and you can set good content strategy

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing means write or speak on any Niche or topic that is content writing. Like any person writing on fashion so what he tells in his blogs or vlogs is called fashion content same as per person skills people make it profession. Some person likes to share their material. There is much necessity of good content to get reach traffic on website or any other platform where we pay our services. Like for a increment of YouTube channel   there is need of good graphics, good voice, and the most important a good content if your content will be use of according to a public demand there is a 100 percent chances of your channel increment. The topic arises from where we know what a public demand is what find a people on internet what are there requirement. There is a tool from where we can find all the things and that is Keyword Planner. It is a tool where you can find that on your favorite Niche on which you want to make Blog or Vlog. It will show the competition among favorable niches on what topic how much people find it.  The more competition will increase the chances of more traffic on your site.

Writing Strategy

When we start to write we have question from ourselves what to write we took pen paper but blank at the time we should make strategy like first of fall we should look our niche then first part is we should introduce the topic that what is it then after introduction, benefit of it. if it is a machinery product which you are writing about then you can write its procedure of using. If you are writing about any services then you can list out the services of your company and explain about them separately what is it about what is benefit of it what is pay scale of it and for more results you can put the option of book appointment. Or book services. And you can attract the customers by showing heavy discounts. There are so many things to write about a single thing like introduction, basic features, advantages, disadvantages, necessities etc. or otherwise you can consider your points of all interrogative’s words like What, when, where, why, with following all points you can write a good content.

Topic Suggestions

motivational blogs, lifestyle blog, fashion blog, blogs on current affairs There is innumerable topic to make you enter in digital marketing sometimes people are afraid or can say have phobia to make Video ( by facing a camera or declare the voice ) in this case they left the idea to enter in digital marketing because there is too much popularity of YouTube channel people don’t have any idea that they can present their thoughts on their skills or passion about something like some have passion for games, cooking graphic designing but they back off due to negative thinking or lack of confidence in todays world there are so many person who wants knowledge about that you could have may be there is unnumerable videos or blogs already put on many sites but the way of your presentation by your words make your blog or vlog unique or the 100 percent chances are increase of your blogs popularity the reason is that people like unique now the question aarise how it could be unique I write blog on games, cooking or any other thing whatever you write in blog or speak in videos how show your visuality of thoughts of same topic which already cover by other bloggers or vloggers. Yes, it is covering no doubt, but the way of expression is different and different expressing of the same thing moderate by your words will give your thoughts originality. The second thing chances are increases of your blogs is that the people having have similar thoughts 100 percent like your page subscribe your vlog awaiting of your next presence and you grow the summary is that never find a topic to write always find your interest topic will be made own because on which thing you have a interest you already have knowledge about it.

Types of Content Writing

  1. white hat.
  2. Black hat.
  3. Grey hat.

White hat content

White hat content means there is 100 percent uniqueness or in content there is no copy paste or modification of old content and this type of content makes your blog is on high position but the condition is that it should be interesting and you can make more attractive by pics. Benefit of this content is that it will be ranked with dignity in SERPs because Originality like by everyone. New topic regarding your knowledge, may be there is something that only you have and no one knows about it, like Before Elon Musk owner of Tesla company is anyone can guess about the electric vehicles I  don’t think so ,he is also normal human being who made it and proved it that it can be done  In today’s time everyone have a knowledge according to their interest, hobby nothing else in fact the experiences of life passing out every single day we must experience something and in each and every life who may like you or some part of like you if you share the thoughts of your life it will be original and possibilities of your thoughts in higher rank which leads you success that is also very innovative thing is that your depressing part of your life fil your future life with happiness. So, there are many things which we have but we are not even self aware of those things so then find out yourself and take a step ahead toward your success. Like Alibaba e- commerce platform is still unique no one able to make a company like him it is white hat content

Black Hat

It is completely duplicate content and it is less approached by google. It is like just copy paste there is no innovation.

Grey Hat

It is a combination of  white hat content and black hat content  that means  modify the old content present  with a new style and can say modify the black hat content like old topic presenting with new thoughts , in this kind of content mostly the some old keywors are used like a topic of kitchen is used so many places like organization of kitchen or any receipe which is old but you are presenting in anew style in your ways. Mostly when it happen the game of keywords which how much we tried to not to use but the some words will definitely come to your blog and is called that keyword black hat and remaining is white hat. In grey hat content black hat content uses only 5 % and the rest 95% is white hat . and that is also because how much we tried but some words related to old will topic will be use in a natural way. And that will be black hat uses in grey hat content. That means in this also the rank in SERPs is high


Content marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a promotion of product of any other company or a person in return of it you get commission on selling of it. That means you are getting income on sale of other company’s product there is no limit it started from 5%  to 100% that means you can earn double from the original rate and many of the company give chances to a people earn from there like Meesho, Amazon, Glowroad , Shop101 there are too many companies and it is a best work from home for ladies who can’t take up of time for making there career just because of household responsibilities and in todays time they doing well in Affiliate marketing.

NOW , the question Arises  how is the content work here so, the ladies attention please if you are unable to do it after lot of sharing and arises with zero income then you can take this path it will help you to earn more if there is any  product then think why anyone purchase it why he put investment on it what is the benefit of the product, first  make a list of uses the product , benefit of the product you can make a picture blog of it by making attractive picture. Share it social media with explanation of benefit as you see a many times a cosmetic product always showing by resulted picture and the sale of the product boost at once. the same you do.  When you make full fledged post for resale of product.

Promotion of product by your way of writing content then there you are doing marketing your content.

Product descriptions

The thing is different when we buy any product there is description on labeled when we buy the same product online there is always description of product like if we buy any traditional dress than there is description of what kind of fabric it is, how long is it what is the color , which style, company name there is mention in column so all these details is also called in content writing some companies hire a writers  for labeling their product description online to sell


When we make video on any topic in we speech it or present it by group of some words that group of words is our content in  video making there is marketing of those keywords which we use in videos because if anyone wants the video so he will enter the keyword on search bar and that is called content marketing.


Email marketing everyone knows about it, the matter is written for that is very confidential and professional writing . it comes when we promote policy of any company, like if we want to sell the Insurance policy. Banks policies there are so many companies they want to promote their products but secretly so, the Email marketing is used for them .

It is done by tool like MailChimp, MailChimp is a free tool and by using it 12000 mails can be send at once. This procedure is called email marketing. I recommended MailChimp because it is a free tool which any setup of anew company  so, without any pay we can take benefit of it.


Content optimization

While we write any blog  or vlog  it relate to any particular topic which is called Keyword and the key word is  that group of words which is search on search bar like ‘Bharatanatyam dance’ if any person put this  query on google search bar then relate to the videos and posts will be listed on google its called keyword. Now how we should use our keywords in our contents. We have to optimize content according to Google algorithm. There are 5 ways we do

  1. keyword prominence
  2. keyword proximity
  3.  keyword placement
  4.  keyword density
  5.  keyword stuffing
  1. keyword Prominence.

Using of keyword in beginning two line lines of content.

  • Keyword Proximity

Closeness between two keywords in your content called proximity that means how we maintain a gap after typing one time.

  • Keyword Placement

Exact placement of keywords in your content.

  • Keyword Density

Around 1-2% no. of keyword, that means place of keyword approx. after 100 words.

  • Keyword Stuffing

Using single keyword so many times this is use in some specified content.

We hope you like our blog to take content writing and marketing if some people have some issues related to content and how they started work as a content writer they can consider above points will be consider a good content writer. In spite of all a good writing is always depend on good knowledge.  So always gathering knowledge as per your interest and start writing from today.

Thank you .

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