Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Mumbai 

Passionate about content writing and want to make a career, as well? Don’t worry, below are the top 7 content writing institutes in Mumbai.

Stop searching! The perfect content writing courses in Mumbai are right under your nose. In the world of a content-driven economy, anyone who wants to sell any product needs to have skill in writing might be copywriting, Book writing, etc.

Many gurus will try to teach for free on YouTube with no hand-holding practice or through any online content writing courses with no guarantee of best practice and relevance in the market.

With a lot of research, I have picked the top 7 content writing courses in Mumbai

Content Writing Courses in Mumbai


Let’s start with  ECT not just being a content writing course, but it is also recognized by the government for providing internship opportunities during the duration of the course. It’s a 3-month course, with 32 hours for online and 50 hours for e-learning..Every week they will provide assignments and after 1.5 months in the course, they will provide projects.

At last, after completion of the course, they provide 100%  placement assistance and also help in providing work-from-home opportunities.

Adwants Digimac

Adwants Digimac is one of the top digital marketing and media research firms. They hold a DMI license, which gives them the authority to provide intense content writing courses and projects. They have 3 month course with 6 projects and also provide placement assistance


IIEDM based in Mumbai, is a prominent institution for e-commerce and digital marketing education. The faculty consists of business professionals passionate about teaching. The college focuses on educating and training individuals in the field of digital marketing.

Digital Bizware

Digital Bizware, Mumbai’s leading institute for digital marketing training, provides a comprehensive curriculum comprising more than 35 modules. These modules encompass various subjects such as SEO, social media marketing, AdWords, content marketing, and others. Guided by in-house experts, our courses focus on imparting skills in effective communication, content creation, community building, and specialized practices like public marketing.

Silver Pen Writers

Silver Pen Writers, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to advancing creative writing careers through workshops and discussion forums. Our mission is to support writers of all ages in creating and publishing high-quality works, fostering the development of successful writing careers.


NestSoft, a renowned brand in Mumbai, specializes in offering content writing courses. Our comprehensive program provides access to cutting-edge tech tools, state-of-the-art facilities, and expert training. The primary objective of the course is to transform students into proficient copywriters, with additional modules covering essential aspects of general SEO.

Textuar Communications

Established in 2011, Textuar Communications is a global provider of high-quality writing services. In addition to their global services, they also offer comprehensive content writing training in Mumbai. The training program covers the art and science of technical content creation and copywriting. The curriculum encompasses various subjects, equipping students with the skills needed for enterprise-level content-writing services


Which is the best institute for content writing in Mumbai?

  • ECT
  • Adwants Digimac
  • Digital Bizware
  • Silver Pen Writers
  • NestSoft 
  • Textuar Communications

What is the cost of a content writing course in Mumbai?

Education & Carrer Times(ECT) is recognized by the government of India with an internship opportunity, the cost of the course is 12,000 Rs (Excluding GST)  

Is content writing a good career?

It’s a good career for a person who wants to get into the Content Market and loves to express their opinion.

What is the salary of a Content Writer in Mumbai?

Entry-level salary starts from 3.5 lac to 6 lac per year. The average salary is 4 lac per year.

Is SEO content writing a good career?

In the world of digital marketing, every company wants to be ranked top on Google search. The way to do it is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a career as an SEO writer is a good choice and has lots of opportunities.

Final thoughts on best online content writing training in Mumbai

After going through the entire curriculum and Reviews, among all the above ECT turns out to be a little beneficial as it provides internship opportunities. Even the student’s reviews are in favor of ECT.So before joining a course please do your due deliverance.

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