Concept of links in SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search engine optimization. It is a process undertaken to improve the visibility of a particular website so as to gain a large number of visitors for the particular website. These visitors could then become potential buyers of the products sold or services offered at the website.

To know more about SEO we need to understand a few terms used

Key terms in search engine optimization.

Anchor text:  Anchor text is the clickable link which appears in blue. It shows visible characters and words displayed in the hyperlink that also links another document or location on the web. A user clicks on the anchor text to be redirected to a different webpage.

Example : The link is a hyperlink with “SEO Packages” as the anchor text.

A link: A link is a chain that connects webpages both within and to other websites. Links play an important role in search engine optimization. The more links the website receives the better the ranking in terms of visibility of the website.


An internal link, – Internal links are the links on your website that points to another page for example the links in the navigation bar are examples of internal links.

An outbound link – Outbound link can be described as link from your site which appears on other websites. This helps to determine how useful the content is to the readers. This increases your search rank.

A backlink : A backlink or inbound links, are links of other website that appear on your websites. Inbound links are more important than outbound links as your website will be linked to other websites.

Example for inbound link is

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