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How ERP Software Enhances Education System and Student Results

The school is shaping the future of the nation. Recently, the National Education Policy 2020 is formed to improve the education system of the school. It focuses on the revision of the syllabus and practical based learning. To implement it effectively, the automation of certain procedures is needed. Manual efforts of teachers consume their time […]

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Should Alcohol Usage be Controlled?

The use of alcohol dates back to the most ancient recorded history. The pros and cons of the effect of alcohol on the human body have been into debate forever. Although the general agreement is that alcohol is used both as a tonic and a poison.      Low-to-moderate consumption of alcohol benefits the heart and circulatory […]


National Education Policy 2020: An Analysis

Education plays a significant role in the development of a nation. A country cannot expect growth without investing in education. The first education policy was introduced in India in 1968 and the second in 1986. It was then modified in 1992. The Indian government has now decided to bring reformatory changes to the traditional education […]

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ECT Launches an Online Personality Development Course

PRESS RELEASE May 10, 2020, New Delhi:  A well-rounded personality will fetch success in the career as well as lead a good quality life.  Today, ECT provides an opportunity to learn personality development through their online personality development course.  It is very useful for high school students, graduates, job seekers, businessmen, and working professionals.  This […]

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Create a Blog by Using the Key Elements in the WordPress Ecosystem

In this column, I would like to explore WordPress conclusively and shed light on its efficiency to create a blog. WordPress:  WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that helps to build, modify, and manage a blog or website by ourselves.  It is specifically designed in a way to build a website […]

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Education and Career Times (ECT) unveils an Online Personality Development Course

With a vision to make more Indians employment-ready, Education & Career Times announced an online personality development course. Delhi, India, May 10, 2020 — An online personality development course was announced by Education & Career Times (ECT) today at Cannaught Place, Delhi. This soft skill development course aims at the personality improvement of Indian graduates […]

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Will India be Able to stand out in Education with NEP 2020?

 This article digs into some crucial takeaways from National Education Policy 2020 and analyses the future of its implementation in Indian context. Education is not solely about earning a great living. It means living a great life   -Brad Henry   The quote truly reflects the importance of Education in our life. To live merely […]

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7 Key Elements of Composition in Photography

Elements of composition are like the spices and ingredients used in cooking. They should not be considered as rules. Instead, they are some of the key ingredients which make a frame look perfect. So here is some guidance that would let you know more about composition. 1. Leading Lines Leading lines are the type of […]

Academic Health & Fitness Medical Research

Breakfast Consumers or Skippers – Who can Burn Fat Easily?

Lean individuals can reduce fat by skipping breakfast and obese people by consuming breakfast, reported a study. For the study, out of 49 Participants, 29 lean and 20 obese, were selected. They were made to either fast until noon or consume breakfast upto 700 kcal before 11 a.m for six weeks. Biopsies of adipose tissue […]

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Video Games: A New Trend in Healthcare that Saves Lives

Video games can be a boon in addressing a variety of health conditions. There is much more than fun that video games can offer in terms of  health-related benefits.   Video games is a million-dollar industry and as far as entertainment is concerned its use has been increasing exponentially since its advent. Participants of all ages […]