Cancellation & Refund Policy

iPub is a content publishing platform. To ensure the client’s satisfaction, we provide up to 3-5 revisions. Clients should read the terms and conditions of our services before opting and paying for our services.

Cancellation Policy

It is requested to read the terms and conditions before choosing our publishing service. It is hereby most humbly informed that WE DON’T OFFER ANY CANCELLATION POLICY to any client, offer once accepted cannot be cancelled.

Refund Policy

We are committed to offering you the best services in the content publishing industry.

It is requested to make sure that the services rendered by us are satisfying your needs, before going to pay any advance charges.

We offer content publishing services to our clients on a 50% advance payment. Please, read our terms and conditions before paying an advance. WE DON’T OFFER REFUND OF ANY ADVANCE PAYMENT regarding the services provided through our website.

Cancellation and Refund are subjected to discretion.

Governing Laws & Jurisdiction

The iPub website is governed by Indian laws, rules, and regulations made for the content publishing website. Any legal proceeding against iPub shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Mumbai High Court only.


The information given on the iPub website is meant for general purposes only. It is true as per our best knowledge and conscience. However, we do not claim any guarantee of its accuracy, worthiness, completeness, suitability, availability, and reliability. It is subjected to the discretion and good conscience of the user.

No any kind of liability shall be attracted to iPub in the event including but not limited to any special, consequential, incidental, direct, or indirect damages regarding any contract, negligence, or tort arising out of the use or the information of the website.

The traffic on the particular content of the website depends on several factors such as incorporating keywords in the content which the people searching for, a ranking of the content on the search engine, and interest of the people or search trend. We do not guarantee the users of the iPub website to get a certain amount of traffic on their respective content.

The views expressed in the content is the author’s opinion. The owner and editor of the iPub website shall not be liable in the event of the hatred, social rift, or any communal disharmony due to such content.

The information or images used in the content is the liability of the author of the content. The author should take the permission of resources to use the same in his content. In case of any violation of copyright or of the event of the plagiarism in the content, the author shall be solely responsible for the same. No liability shall be attracted by the owner and editor of the iPub website in case of copyright infringement or plagiarism.

Users on the iPub website are provided with the facility to visit and use the features of other websites. We are not liable to the problem that arises in the user interface, or changes in the content of those websites as we don’t have any control over the same. The incorporation of any link on the iPub website doesn’t mean the recommendation or promotion of the opinion expressed in them. It is provided for browsing convenience only. In any event, the content that appeared on the third-party website which has the link on the iPub website attracts any liability to the iPub website.

No liability shall be attracted by the iPub website in the event of the attack by viruses or malware in case of clicking on the link of the third party website that appeared on the content of the iPub.

We don’t guarantee you the generation of a certain amount of leads or conversions in the event of publishing the content regarding your product and services on the iPub website. We are providing the content publishing services to our users through the iPub website and do not guarantee you to provide any additional marketing services for the generation of leads and sales.

In the event of the hacking of a user account at the iPub website and in case of any misuse of the same, the owner of the iPub website shall not be liable. We endeavour to provide highly secured, end to end encrypted services. However, in the event of the disclosure of the password of his account by the user or any kind of hacking activity, the owner of iPub shall not be liable.

The iPub website is made on a content management system or with the use of web publishing software. The themes and plugins used to provide a better user interface, and iPub doesn’t own or has any control over the same. In case any bugs or irregularities occur in the user interface due to such themes or plugins, we will replace the same without prior notice. In the event of any loss to the user due to such an act of the iPub website, its owner shall not be liable for the same.

Users are publishing their content on the iPub website by relying on the prior reviews of the old users and their experience shall be liable on their own in case of a non-occurrence of such experience with them. As the user experience is highly subjective to the period of use of the website, the content published by them, search queries for search content. The iPub website shall not be liable in case of a non-occurrence of similar results.

All rights regarding the modifications, additions, or deletions in the content of the website are reserved to iPub and not subjected to any prior notice.

iPub doesn’t claim that the website is free of viruses or other damaging elements.

It is striving to run the website smoothly without any interruption. However, we shall not be liable for any absence of the website or failure to its access for a temporary period due to technical issues that are beyond the control of us.