Breakfast Consumers or Skippers – Who can Burn Fat Easily?

Lean individuals can reduce fat by skipping breakfast and obese people by consuming breakfast, reported a study.

For the study, out of 49 Participants, 29 lean and 20 obese, were selected. They were made to either fast until noon or consume breakfast upto 700 kcal before 11 a.m for six weeks. Biopsies of adipose tissue were taken  and analysed for fat-burning genes and insulin signalling genes before and after six weeks of the research.

In lean individuals, skipping breakfast had triggered the sensitivity of insulin signalling genes and fat-burning genes that led to increased metabolism and thus fat loss. However, it was observed that fat cells did not respond to insulin in obese people as much as in lean people.

In obese patients, skipping breakfast did not show any influence on fat-burning genes. Increased blood glucose level due to insulin resistance and heightened risk of type-2 diabetes was noted. However, It could be due to the adaptive mechanism in response to the altered sensitivity initiated by the body to prevent any further fat accumulation.

Obese people should consider having regular breakfast to prevent diabetes and cardiac diseases due to systemic insulin resistance in the body. Insulin resistance reflected impairment in insulin signalling. Lean people can consider fasting for weight loss.

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