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Maintaining a clean and hygienic space in both residential and commercial spaces is very essential. Maintaining the standard of living in your busy life can be a challenging task. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or a business owner striving for impeccable cleanliness, professional deep cleaning services can be a game-changer. Among a huge variety of options, Rescue Home Cleaning is one that stands out the most. Here are 8 Top Deep Cleaning Services in Richmond California that can be useful. 

Top 8 Deep Cleaning Services in Richmond, CA

Rescue Home Cleaning 

Rescue Home Cleaning is the epitome of Professionalism and quality. It is a family owned business that operates within 25 radius miles of Richmond. They offer services like Room Cleaning, Moving out/in cleaning, deep cleaning and Office cleaning. They are known for their attention to detail and personal approach. They are committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable products. From carpet steaming to kitchen sanitation, every Corner, doors and windows are dealt with utmost care, leaving your home or office revitalized. What makes them stand out is the attractive discounts they offer and their professionalism towards the work. They are dedicated to their goal and will leave you satisfied with the results. 

Their Services include 

  • Residential Deep Cleaning: Like Kitchen Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Trash Removal, Surface Disinfection etc
  • Deep Cleaning: like Floor scrubbing and waxing, removal of mold, window and glass cleaning. They use advanced equipment like steam cleaners and water pressure. 
  • Move in or move out cleaning: Floor scrubbing, Furniture Cleaning etc 
  • Commercial Deep Cleaning: Opened a new office or started a new business? Rescue home cleaning has you covered. 

 Rescue Home Cleaning is the one stop destination for all your deep cleaning needs. Check out their website  to book your service now!

  • AG Green Clean Services

AG Green Clean Services offers residential, office and commercial cleaning services. They are popular for their excellent Cleaning service along with customized tailored cleaning services. They Specialize in Residential Cleaning. Their experienced staff utilizes advanced equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deliver unparalleled results. They use eco-friendly and sustainable products. Head over to their website to get a free estimate.

  • Lima Clean 

Lima Cleanis a family operated, Deep cleaning and maid service company operating in Richmond. They are true to their motto, “Always on time, always green and super flexible” They offer free estimate calculations as well. They use eco-friendly and sustainable products. Their products are also pet friendly! They offer services like deep cleaning, residential deep cleaning and commercial deep cleaning, additionally they also provide maid services. Head over to their website to get a quote. 

  • Lia Florez House Cleaning Service. 

Lia Florez House Cleaning service is a Woman owned and operated Deep Cleaning service located in Richmond. They are certified Professionals who have been in this business for the last two years. They are super friendly and co-operating, they are flexible with your schedule. They use Eco-friendly and sustainable products  They offer services like Post construction cleaning, Post event cleaning and Recurring Home cleaning along with routine deep cleaning and residential deep cleaning. Head over to their website to get a free estimate. 

  • Ruiz Cleaning 

Ruiz Cleaning is a Locally operated company. They are available via appointment. The services offered by them are Deep Cleaning, residential Deep cleaning, fridge cleaning, tile and grout cleaning. They are specialized in Commercial Deep Cleaning. They use sustainable and Eco-friendly products. They are friendly and flexible. They also use pet safe cleaning supplies so your furry friends can be safe. Head over to their website to book your slot. 

  • StarLight Cleaning Services 

StarLight Cleaning Services is a five year old, family operated deep cleaning services in Richmond CA. They offer Eco-Friendly and flexible cleaning services. Their services include Deep Cleaning, Commercial Deep cleaning, post construction cleaning and Move in/Move out cleaning services. They are co-operative and flexible. They also use pet friendly products for your furry friends. Head over to their website to book your slot

  •  JYR Pro Cleaners 

JYR Pro Cleaners is a woman owned and locally operated company. They offer attractive discounts on the first cleaning service. They are an eco-friendly and sustainable company. Their services include maid services, deep cleaning, move in and move out deep cleaning as well as regular cleaning. They are friendly and flexible to your busy schedule. Head over to their website to know more. 

  • Sister’s House Cleaning

Sister’s House Cleaning is a company established in 2004. With years of experience and expertise, they have a very professional and authentic touch. They offer attractive discounts on first booking. Their services include, Residential Cleaning, Commercial cleaning, office cleaning, post construction clean-up and clinic clean-up. They are eco-friendly,  sustainable and use pet friendly products. Check out their website to get more details.


  1. What is Residential Deep Cleaning? 

Ans: Residential deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning process targeting accumalative dirt and dust on home furniture, floors, windows and walls. 

  1. How often should I deep clean my home?

Ans: Frequency of Deep cleaning depends on a variety of factors like the size of the house, personal preferences and the lifestyle. However it is recommended to deep clean once every 3-4 months 

  1. What Areas should be included in deep cleaning?

Ans: All areas of the bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen should be cleaned. Especially the floors and walls under heavy equipment like the refrigerator.

  1. What are the benefits of deep cleaning? 

Ans: Deep cleaning offers numerous benefits, including improved indoor air quality, reduced allergens and dust mites, enhanced cleanliness and hygiene, preservation of surfaces and furnishings, and a healthier living environment for you and your family.

  1. Do I need to hire professionals for deep cleaning, or can I do it myself?

Ans:  While some homeowners prefer to tackle deep cleaning tasks themselves, hiring professional cleaners can ensure a more thorough and efficient job, especially for larger homes or for those with limited time or mobility. Professional cleaners have the expertise, tools, and products to achieve exceptional results.

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