Top 5 reasons to opt wordpress


What is wordpress?

WordPress is largest using platform for making websites. If yo want to use your website how you want to, you can choose the Worlds best open source software. It contains the majority of websites around the world because of its features. There is a huge community of users to optimize its attributes .It is prioritise by these qualities given below

  • Free to install.
  • Free to make website.
  • User friendly dashboard.
  • Fully controlled/ownership of the website .
  • Fast website speed.
  • Seo friendly.
  • Focused on security.
  • Customizable and scalable.
  • Active community.
  • Perfect for e-commerce.
  • Because of it’s features it attracts numerous communities and third party companies that develop additional software ,such as wordpress plugins and theme.

Here are some features of wordpress :


Post is a piece of content that you publishing to public. On post you can get comments, likes and shares so far. Posts are always associated with a date which is included in the URL. So posts are whatever you want to share and individual pieces of content on your blog page.

Now you can understand how to publish a post

First login your WordPress account then click on the post then click on add new .Write whatever you want to. You can use the features along with. Now publish your post by clicking publish tab on the top bar.

This is how you can elaborate the fantastic features of wordpress by your imagination to make your blog wow. For more you can visit this link :


Pages are not so different from posts. On pages users can’t comment and review as they do on posts. Its a place to display your website, it’s like a face of your site. You can make your website interesting and attractive by optimizing your pages well. Pages are listed in your site menu at the top bar of the site.

Now here is some steps to create a wordpress page

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the pages on the menu bar.
  3. Click on create Page.
  4. Select theme and title of the page.
  5. Edit the content there.
  6. Click update to save and publish the changes.


The one more feature you are getting in WordPress is media. Image, audio, video, document, covers are included in media. You can easily add images, audios, as well as videos into your content to make it user friendly and to improve readability.

For uploading an image simply click on the + tool bar then click on the image in media section then select an image from your library then upload it .

By using media one can express the views effectively. It also have a good impact on SEO ranking. You must add one media for the better SEO.


Themes manage your content beautifully.There are many themes free or paid in WordPress you can use to enhance the appearance of your material. Theme is a group of files and sheets that dictates the overall look of your blog and website. There are many wordpress themes in which thousands of stunning designs and broad veriety of features.

There are some top themes for SEO

  • Neve.
  • Astra.
  • Ocean WP.
  • Storefront.
  • Sydney.
  • Hestia.


Plugins are the features that are inventing further. In simple words they are new features of wordpress. Plugin can add new functions and extent the existing features on your website. By using plugin one can create any kind of website as portfolios, business stores , e-commerce stores etc. Use plugins to build, customize and enhance your content.

Some names of best wordpress plugins are given below:

  • Elementor- Best page builder plugin.
  • WooCommerce – E-commerce plugin.
  • Wordfence – Security plugin.
  • AIOSEO – SEO plugin.


Comments are the views of visitors to your blog ,page and whatever you post. It allows the readers to have a interection with you and the other readers. It’s comes after activation of comments on your WordPress blog and post. All comments are displayed on the comments dashboard in your WordPress admin dashboard.

comments section


A user, Someone who is registered on one’s WordPress website so they log into it. Someone who is just looking your site and reading is not wordpress user. As you are the owner of your website,you are a registered user of wordpress.

There are some user roles of wordpress:

  • Subscribers.
  • Contributors.
  • Authors.
  • Editors.
  • Administrators.

These is how you can use wordpress to enhance and publish your writing talent. Utilise all the features given by WordPress to make your content more user friendly and the best.

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