Top 10 Best Security Guard Company in Kansas City, Missouri

Security measures, such as surveillance systems, access control, and trained security personnel, provide a sense of safety and personal protection. They act as a deterrent against criminal activities, making individuals feel more secure in public spaces, workplaces, and residential areas.Security Guard job is to prevent a crime from happening by proactively watching for suspicious behavior, mitigating risks as they appear and contacting the proper authorities when an incident occurs. Simply put, security guards keep people, property and other valuable assets safe and secure.

Selecting a reliable security guard provider can be a challenging task.  The worldwide security market size is expected to grow by leaps and bounds by 2025. A number of security guard companies in  Kansas City, Missouri are offering their services. In this blog let us discover the top ten security guard companies in Kansas City, Missouri, and throw light on why Citizen’s Guard Security is a cut above the rest and your best bet when it comes to matters of security.

Better to be safe than sorry. Your search for reputed security guard companies in Kansas City, Missouri ends here. This article lists the top ten Security Guard Companies in Kansas City, Missouri. With a spotlight on why Citizen’s Guard Security is the best choice for all your security needs.
Below are the Lists of top Security Guard Companies in Kansas City, Missouri:-

1.Citizen’s Guard Security- Kansas City’s top Security Services

It is founded by Greg Miller. He worked in military law enforcement that was in 1992.In 19898 he worked with Illinois department of Corrections as a Correction officer.In 1999 he became a certified law enforcement officer. He also earned an Associates degree in Criminal Justice System. In 2007 Greg moved on to work the civil side of the criminal justice system and was employed as a Legal Investigator with the Citizen’s Law Office. In 2009 Greg was hired by a non for profit agency that investigates complaints of governmental misconduct against private citizens. While working as a Field Investigator, in 2010 Greg became a Private Investigator and established his own investigative practice in Indiana. Today his experience, values and  understanding of the security guard industry has enabled him to be a leader in the security guard, armed security guard and private investigation industries in St Louis, Mo to include Florissant Maryland Heights Missouri .

What Makes Citizen’s Guard Security different from the other security guard companies as the best Security Guard Company in Kansas City, Missouri?

  • Mission- To provide high quality security and investigative services in order to best protect liberty, lives and property for our clients and community.  Helping businesses become safe, secure and more profitable.
  • Core Values- Providing Excellent Customer Service in a professional and ethical manner.Appearance and Demeanor as security officers and private investigators shall be above the industry’s standards.Teamwork is the most critical element in the security industry.Authority to Protect people and personnel from bodily harm by an aggressor.
  • Exceptional services – As a security guard company in Kansas City, Missouri they are dedicated to their profession and do focus on providing excellent services that their competitors cannot provide. They conscientiously will make sure to avoid any untoward occurrences by providing hawk-eyed services to their customers.
  • Professional appearance and conduct- Citizen Guard Security Services have their people dressed up to their job in proper uniforms to bring to the fore their professionalism in their behavior and mannerisms.
  • Unity- This is the key term that brings out a systematic and methodical approach to this company. All personnel work in a collaborative effort to achieve a common goal of a well-ordered working environment that brings out the best in each one of them.
  • Licensed Officers- All their officers are licensed.  They are authorized to make arrests as and when they deem necessary.
  • Understanding of Law- Every officer of the company is well versed with Florida criminal laws and has the necessary skills essential to safeguard their customers.

Security Coverage Areas by Citizen’s Guard Security:

The company provides their services for a broad range of communities and customers.  A few to mention are;

  • Retail Security
  • Construction Sites
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Industrial Sites
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Event Security
  • Short Term Service
  • Point of Entry
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Long Term Security
  • Facility Checks
  • Fire-watch
  • Mobile Vehicle Patrol

Services Offered:

  • Unarmed Security Guard-

Unarmed Security Guards are entry level guards who often provide unarmed services. They are tasked to only Observe & Report. Unarmed Security Guards can provide a great value for a strict security budget. Unarmed Security Guards are always willing and able to deter, Observe & Report suspicious behavior for their clients.

  • Armed Security Officer-

Armed Security Officers are professionally trained to prevent and stop activity that would be critical in the protection of property and personal safety. In some locations, they  hold specialized licenses and have authority to make arrests if they observe a crime.  Armed Security Officers have a proven background in security.

  • Off Duty Officer (LEO)-

All ODO LEO’s have the authority to arrest and use force to stop aggressive behaviors. All law enforcement officers are either active, retired or former police officers who have been trained and hold experience.

  • Mobile Patrol Officer-

 for operations such as facility checks, covering patrol, short term on site security, and rapid response.All Mobile Vehicle Patrol are conducted by specialized license security officers and include both fleet and non fleet vehicles.

  • Site Security Supervisor-

Security Supervisors will supervise security sites that require multiple security officers or multiple shifts. They are often tasked as the site liaison between the client and security team at the security site.

  • Site Security Manager-

Security Managers oversee local operations and are tasked with team building and  fitting the client with professional security staff that fit with the unique personality qualities of our customers.

Locations are available Citizen’s Guard Security- 

  • Terre Haute
  • Evansville
  • Indianapolis
  • St Louis
  • Milton
  • Jacksonville
  • Tallahassee
  • Panama City Florida
  • Pensacola
  • Mobile
  •  Montgomery Alabama
  • Memphis
  • Louisville

Highlights of the  business:

  • Globally owned and operated
  • Certified professionals
  • Flexible appointment facility
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Discount available

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the best Security Guard company in Kansas City, Missouri?

When it comes to a top rated security guard company in Kansas City, Missouri, then Citizen’s Guard Security is the perfect choice for you with a solid foundation of experience, we provide top-notch solutions, unparalleled customer services and a proven track record of quality work. Count us in your friend list.

Why should I consider Citizen’s Guard Security as the best security guard company in Kansas City, Missouri?

An effective security system comprises four elements: Protection, Detection, Verification & Reaction. These are the essential principles for effective security on any site and Citizen’s Guard Security has the strong team of these elements.

What types of rates do you charge?

Our security guard rates are charged by the hour based on the payroll of the security officer, the type of work involved, added risk, skill level, and equipment needed for the coverage. Security guard pay is the most important factor in setting the hourly rate; because, we are able to hire higher quality security staff if we are able to pay them a competitive hourly wage and offer better benefits. 

Does your company carry insurance?

We provide general liability insurance as it relates to the security industry and will cover false arrest, assault, neglect, personal injury, property damage, physical losses, and breach of security duties. We carry workers compensation according to the work comp laws of the state. 

What goes into a quality security officer?

This is the most important aspect of our mission; that is to provide high quality security officers to protect life, liberty and property. We select security officers according to their qualifications and ability to provide excellent customer service. We assure we make the proper fit for our customers that will give our customers a profound sense of value when a security officer is assigned to the security site.

Other Security Guard Companies in Kansas City, Missouri are-

2. G4S Secure Solutions

G4S secures your people, property and assets by understanding and mitigating security risk. We offer a suite of products and services — including risk consulting and investigations, systems integration, security software and technology, and security professionals — that align to deliver innovative, essential and scalable solutions that span your entire operation. Although each G4S solution is market leading on its own, we can combine our offerings to provide a comprehensive customer experience that delivers real, sustained and measurable value.

3. GardaWorld Security Services

    GardaWorld is a global leader in the security industry, offering a wealth of opportunity to individuals looking to gain experience and develop professionally in a growing industry. We offer flexible schedules, diverse work assignments.

    4. Titan Protection and Consulting

    Established in 2008, Titan Protection and Consulting is a leading-edge security firm, specializing in crime prevention and detection for hundreds of companies. Based in the Midwest, we work with clients to build complete solutions that meet several work projects.

    5. Titan Security Group

    We are a leading privately-held security services provider that delivers results for our clients through flexible, customized security solutions, and superior customer service. Our approach combines traditional security staffing with licensed armed forces.

    6. Safe Streets USA

    When you partner with SafeStreets, you’re joining forces with America’s no 1 choice for helping them protect the things they value most. SafeStreets is ADT’s most respected Authorized Provider and is committed to treating our employees.

    7. Sunstates Security

    Sunstates Security is an industry leader with a differentiated approach to providing quality contract security services to Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and small business entities alike. Sunstates has millions of hours of contract.

    8. SecureWatch 24/7

    Rounding up our top 5 list is SecureWatch 24/7, known for its innovative security solutions and commitment to vigilance. They provide a range of security services, including video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. Their dedication to 24/7 monitoring ensures that clients’ properties are safeguarded at all times.

    9. Guardian Protection Services

    Guardian Protection Services secures the third spot with its reliable and professional security services. They offer a diverse set of security solutions, including armed and unarmed guards, alarm response, and security consulting. Their experience and dedication to safeguarding their clients’ interests make them a notable contender in the security industry.

    10. SecureGuard Services

    SecureGuard Services takes the second spot on our list, offering a wide range of security solutions to meet various needs. Their well-trained security personnel and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service make them a reputable choice for businesses and events in Whittier.

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