9 Best Commercial Roofing Companies in Mooresville, Indiana

The roof serves as an integral part of any structure as it is the most exposed and susceptible part exposed to extreme weather conditions.Roofs have been constructed in a wide variety of forms-flat,pitched,domed or in combinations but all types of roofs require proper protection and maintenance irrespective of its designs and structure.

King and Country Elite Roofing Services

  • leading the way in safety,quality and service
  • It has been in business for over 25 years 
  • Get your roof ready to sustain all type of weathers
  • top notch roofing solutions with every project we do
  • satisfactory and quick response to customer queries
  • constantly updating with advance technology in roofing materials 
  • periodic inspection by well experienced and qualified engineers and roof service experts

Our services

King and  Country Elite roofing services is a reputed company in Moorseville ,Indiana  which provides best  residential and commercial roofing project.

Roofs are the most susceptible part of any structure which are most exposed to extreme weather conditions and sudden unwanted natural calamities.

We are proud to offer the best roofing installation ,maintenance ,replacement and repair needs.We also provide free inspection and estimation of the job to be done along with the timeline calculation.

We focus on setting new standards with maintaining the all the required safety norms.

For every building whether it is for residential ,commercial or industrial purpose ,sturdy roofing plays an important part of structural design 

A well installed roof not only protects your property but also enhances the beauty of your designed structure.

Apart from damage restoration and roof insurance claim projects ,our experience enables to provide comprehensive roofing coverage including residential and commercial repair,maintainance and more.

We start every job with 

  • free inspection and repair estimate from our team of experts
  • full commitment 
  • use cutting edge technologies to offer detailed inspection reports and accurate estimates 

We specialise in all types of roofing projects from small leak repairs to large scale complex projects.

Our dedicated services have made us a well reputed contractor in the field of roofing service in central Moorseville area.

The following are the areas where our company offers its services:

Residential roofing services

Our services include the repair,maintenance and installation of roofs of homes,garage and other residential structures

The best place where a person finds solace and peace is a home.The roof of a house is  a critical component that ensures safety and comfort of the family. Roofs are the most exposed parts of a building and have to bear the various changes in the weather that directly impacts their structure.

We provide professional roofing inspectors who are qualified and experienced.They are expertise in periodic roofing inspection that is required to minimise the risk of permanent damage caused to the roofs .

Roofing inspection 

Roof inspection is a precautionary measure to prevent damage of roofs .Our inspectors are experienced and certified person whose job is to periodically  examine the quality and condition of the roof,attic ventilation,roof vents and gutters.

When your home needs roof replacement or new construction roofing,King and Elite Services has all that you need with assured quality and standard.Our services are the most economic one with the assured time line management.

 We provide simple repair services,complete replacement using best quality mater with long lasting results.We can repair,replace and install asphalt,shingle,,shake and slate composite and metal roofing.

Our focus is on excellent durability with beautiful finish so that it appeals our customers.Details of materials used are given in the information brochure wherein lots of options are given suitable for budgetery constrains.

Commercial roofing 

If you are planning to invest on best commercial roofing solutions then our services are one of the best .We provide maximum durable,dependable and professionally crafted roofing solutions.Every business structure depends on a strong and well maintained roofs and hence should not be over.We provide a wide range of services based on inspecting the site and condition of the roof .We provide stability and tailor our solutions that complies with your requirements and ensure to complete the job within the timeline and keeping up the budget.

We have been in roofing service for more than two decades and recognize that asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material in the United States.

Shingle roof replacements 

The following are the benefits of shingle roof which are provided by King and Country Elite services:

  • Affordability – There are different varieties of roof shingles available but we provide the most economical material with increased durability ,curb appeal and longevity that aligns with your budget and design preferences

  • Simple installation -Our services prefer the easiest and fastest type of roofing to be installed so that the timeline is well maintained along with the standard of services
  • Visual beauty and blend with the Our services not only elevates your property’s protection but also enhances the exterior beauty of your home.

At King and Country Elite roofing services,we also  provide accurate expertised report for you  which are prepared by our qualified inspectors.

Studies show that the following are the common causes of roof problems:

  • Storms 
  • weathering
  • improper application
  • poor maintenance 

Sign up for annual routine roof maintenance 

Your roof inspection should be done periodically so as to keep its structure properly monitored.Roof should also be taken care of in the same way as your other investments like vehicle and other appliances.

King and Country Elite roofing services also provides an affordable annual maintenance program designed to keep the roofs in best condition year after year.This acts as a preventive measure and allows correction at an early stage and thus avoid major damage happening.

Shingle repairs

At King and Country Elite roofing Services,we specialise in shingle repairs,ensure your roof remains strong and secure.

The condition of shingle directly impacts the integrity of the roofing system.Our company is wel equipped with experts who can identify  and address shingle issues,whether it is due to weather,wear and tear or aging.

We provide prompt services to repair,replace or prevent leakage and further damage.

King and country elite roofing services are the most trustable partner for providing reliable and healthy solution to shingle repairs.

EPDM rubber replacements and repairs

King and Country Elite roofing services are expertise in epdm solutions that ensures durability and longevity of your roof.EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber widely used in low slope buildings in Moonsville area in US.

Choose King and Country  Elite roofing services for your EPDM rubber roofing needs.It is waterproof material that makes it ideal for wet and humid weather conditions.

Is it 100% waterproof?

EPDM is 100%cured single ply roofing membrane which is fully waterproof and very durable and offers resistance to the ozone,UV radiation and high or low temperatures.

Our services take care of all the factors while doing EPDM rubber roofing and ensure best quality with budgetery price.We are well reputed in this area and always received satisfactory reviews by our customers.

Low pitch replacement and repairs

Low pitch roofs have their own challenges but King and country elite services are expertise in providing tailored repairs and replacement to ensure longevity and reliability.Our experienced team identifies that low pitch roofs are susceptible to water clogging and potential leaks if not properly maintained.With meticulous detail we address these issues with updated technical tools ensuring optimal drainage and water tight integrity.

At King and country elite roofing services ,you not only get full commitment to low pitch roofs but also enhances the aesthetic and functional property of your roof with top workmanship.We. ensure that your investment is trustworthy and satisfactory with our honest and dedicated services.

Gutter cleaning

Gutters are a crucial part in controlling home from water damage.King and country elite services offer professional gutter cleaning regularly.It is required for proper “breathing “ of roofs and associated vents to avoid water clogging or overflowing.Our gutter cleaning services are proactive measures to avoid water related issues or sudden natural calamities.Our expert inspectors analyse the signs of damage or corrosion and accordingly repair and replace.We ensure full value for money investment in gutter cleaning by providing long term results and safeguard your property thus ensuring peace of mind and security.

Choose our roofing services for professional gutter cleaning to protect your home foundation and overall structural integrity.


Regardless of size of the project King and Elite offers the following attractive features in our work:

  • free inspection 
  • competitive pricing
  • transparent budgetery costs
  • expert roof repair services
  • check for sealant and flashing integrity 
  • 10 year workmanship warranty


Check  out reviews and focus on customer service improvement.

The  climatic conditions in Moonesville in Indiana is hot summer humid continental and humid subtropical,which have a drastic effect on the roofs of all residential and commercial buildings.Moreover frequent storms and tornadoes in this region has created more challenges for civil construction companies.

Our company takes regular feedback and reviews from our esteemed customers and strive to give better service.

Quick response whenever we are contacted

We are famous for our dedication and promptness in attending to all queries of our customers.


Q1) Why choose King and Country Elite roofing services?

A) Our company is the most reliable roofing partner for the past two decades.It has the most top notch expertise in handling roofing installation,maintenance, repair or replacing.

Q2) What is the best roofing material to install on a new roof? 

A) As in the lines of choosing the building material,the defined best of anything is usually dependent on location and climate of the concerned area.

Q3) What is meant by “roofs breathe”with reference to maintenance?

A) Attic ventilation is an important part in allowing extremely cold and hot air to escape before it creeps inside the structure.It is advisable to keep minimum items in the attic as they may impede the airflow and render the vent system useless.The term”breathe”refers to the free flow of air movement and avoid blocking any vents or damage the insulation.

Q4) How do you know if your roof was correctly installed?

A) A thorough inspection after the roof is complete is required. The preferred roofer should have replaced all the vans and rubber boots around penetrations. All flashing around chimneys and invalid should be brand-new. The roof visually should have consistent colour and generally appear to have clean straight line on every part.

Q5) How frequently should roof be inspected?

A) Roofs should be inspected yearly but should also be done under after  sudden climatic hazards like cyclones,incessant rain etc.

Q6) What is the life span of shingle material roof .

A) If properly maintained and taken care of with periodic inspection,it can last up to 50 years. 

Q7) How often should gutters be cleaned?

A) Ideally gutters should be cleaned twice a year to ensure that hey are clear of debris and there is no clogging of ducts and vents.

List of 9 other top commercial roofing companies in US based on their revenues and feedbacks:

  1. Tecta America

2) Centimark Corp

3) Flynn Group 

4) Baker roofing company

5) Nations roof

6) Greenwood industries

7) Schreiber corp

8) Latite roofing llc

9) Advanced green technologies 

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