Best 11 Security Guard Companies in Montgomery, AL

When it comes to securing your business, property, or event in Montgomery, Alabama, relying on the best security guards companies is paramount. In this blog, we provide a list of security guards companies in Montgomery, AL that offer security services.

1. Citizen’s Guard: One of the best security guard companies in Montgomery, AL

Citizen’s Guard is a leading security guard company in Montgomery, AL. It is renowned for its unwavering commitment to providing top-notch security solutions. With a dedicated team of professionals, Citizens Guard stands out for its commitment to delivering top-notch security for your specific needs.

Their mission statement is “To provide high quality security and investigative services in order to best protect liberty, lives and property for our clients and community.”

They provide professionally trained and licensed Security Guard, Security Officers, Armed Security Officers, and Patrol Officers.

Their security coverage extends across various environments and situations. They specialize in safeguarding retail spaces, construction sites, apartment buildings, industrial sites, hotels, and events, adapting their services to meet the unique demands of each setting. Whether it involves short-term security solutions, vigilant point-of-entry monitoring, workplace violence prevention, or the deployment of armed security officers, their approach is customized to address specific requirements. Additionally, they offer comprehensive services such as facility checks and fire-watch, demonstrating a commitment to a thorough and effective security strategy in various contexts.

For more details, visit Citizen’s Guard.

2. Inner Parish Security 

IPSC is a family owned and operated security company. We began in 1977 in Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana, and have since grown across the South over the past 4 decades. 

Whether you are looking to secure your business, home or a government entity, IPSC has a valuable service to offer. IPSC offers armed and unarmed security guard services, patrol services, armored courier services, residential and commercial electronic security, fire protection and emergency response services.

3. Security Engineers, Inc.: One of the most Professional security guard companies in Montgomery, AL

Security Engineers, Inc. specializes in providing high-quality and well-trained personnel, responsive customer service and innovative technology integrations to organizations who expect best-in-class contract security solutions. In their words, their mission is “To Proactively Meet Security Needs with Welcoming Professionals and Innovative Solutions.”

One of their customers, Wesley Floyd says – “This is the most professional Security company in the state of Alabama. These guys only hire the best, most dedicated officers.”

4. DSI Security Services

DSI Security Services offers armed and unarmed uniformed security guard services, and has an Electronics division with a full line of equipment such as HD IP video surveillance cameras, barrier arms, automated gates, access control, and a 24 hour monitoring and communications center. Their “motto”​ of “DWYSYWD”​ stands for “Do What You Say You Will Do”, and represents our commitment to follow through on our stated and written commitments to you.

5. Workable Solutions Investigative & Protective Services, LLC

Workable Solutions Investigative & Protective Services, LLC specializes in Armed Security, Private Investigations, Security & Law Enforcement Training and Janitorial Services. 

The officers and investigators employed by the organization are meticulously selected, with emphasis placed on their professionalism, mannerisms, aptitude, and skill. The range of services offered includes security guards and patrol services, investigation services, special events security, background investigations, CCTV monitoring, loss prevention, home watch, protection/bodyguard services, and security/law enforcement training. This careful selection process ensures a team with diverse capabilities, dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of security and investigative services.

6. Dynamic Security, Inc.

Since 1940 Dynamic Security, Inc. has been providing the finest standard of security services to a wide variety of clients. The company asserts that its enduring record reflects a steadfast dedication to excellence. They believe that their commitment to excellence defines the Dynamic difference, setting them apart in the realm of security services.

7. Buford Security Agency Security Services 

Buford Security Agency is a leading security services company serving the state of Alabama, including Montgomery County, Autauga County, Elmore County, Chilton County, and more.

At Buford Security, the company provides a range of security services, including unarmed guards, armed guards, event staff, and mobile patrol services. The team consists of experienced professionals committed to ensuring safety and protecting valuables. The officers undergo thorough screening and training to handle various situations effectively, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to security. 

8. Alert Patrol Security Guards & Protection Services

Alert Patrol was founded in 2004 by a multi talented management team whose combined experience in security extends to over 50 years in the industry, moreover; all coming from top five industry companies to form Alert Patrol with their extensive knowledge in the business and in the field of security. Alert Patrol offers professional armed and unarmed security guards for your home or business. They are licensed, bonded and insured. All their guards and concierge staff are trained to protect their clients with modern and sophisticated actions that deter criminal activity.

9. Security Services, LLC: One of the most trusted security guard companies in Montgomery, AL

Security Services is a reliable security partner, providing armed and unarmed security officers for State Contract Security, Mall & Shopping Center Security, Construction Site Theft Prevention, Warehouse Gate Guard Security, Hospital & Medical Facility Security, Real Estate Sales and Auctions Security, and more.

One of their clients – Forest Kennedy, CEO of Kennedy International wrote a testimonial for their services. Kennedy said – “This is the only company who offered qualified personnel to this level. They understood our needs and fulfilled our requests in a timely and professional manner. Their rates were not the least but their value more than compensated for the increased rates. Insurance levels are also superior to other guard companies that we contacted. We will be using them for all of our security needs in the future.”

10. Wynlakes Guard House

Established in 2002, Wynlakes Guard House is a security guard company in Montgomery operating in Montgomery county. They are based at 8400 Wynlakes Blvd Montgomery, AL. They provide unarmed and patrol security guard services.

11. Protective Services, LLC.

Protective Services is a full-service, provider of off duty police officers to the private sector. Their officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for short and long-term assignments and can fulfill a variety of roles tailored to the individual needs of the client. In their words, their business is built on the principles of customer service, professionalism and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What sets Citizens Guard apart from other security guard companies in Montgomery, AL?

Citizens Guard stands out with cutting-edge technology, proactive risk management, and a client-centric approach, providing unparalleled security solutions.

2. How can I choose the best security guards services in Montgomery, AL for my business or home?

To choose the best security guards services, consider your specific needs, read customer testimonials, and prioritize companies with advanced technology and proactive risk management.

3. Do security guard companies in Montgomery, AL offer 24×7 services?

Many security guard companies in Montgomery, AL offer 24×7 services, ensuring round-the-clock protection for your business or home. Citizens Guard, for instance, provides continuous security coverage for peace of mind.

4. Can I hire security guards for specific hours rather than round the clock?

Yes, several security guard companies in Montgomery, AL offer flexible services, allowing you to hire security guards for specific hours based on your requirements. Be sure to discuss your needs with the chosen security provider.


Choosing the right security guard company in Montgomery, AL is crucial for ensuring the safety of your assets. While each company mentioned plays a vital role, Citizens Guard leads with its cutting-edge technology and client-centric approach. For unparalleled security services, explore the offerings of Citizens Guard at Citizen’s Guard.

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