Being perfect is a myth?

In a world of extremes and excesses, taking a mediocre path is a big struggle. Today everything is available and possible. For example, going to Moon was a metaphor in childhood days. But today not only it is possible but people have been to Moon. What was a fantasy has now become a reality.  Today, every success, small or big, is celebrated as a grand affair. Even weddings have a fairy tale touch. Earlier what seemed to be quiet union of two people along with their families or communities has now become a grandiose affair where everyone takes a backseat, even groom and bride? You end up remembering what you saw or ate or felt rather than who they were. If you can come up with names of the bride and groom of the last wedding you attended, you deserve an award. The purpose is to celebrate life with your well wishers, i.e. relatives or friends. But so much time is spent on preparations to make it a perfect celebration that the very warmth of the get together takes a backseat. In nutshell we are stressing so much on the method rather than purpose.  The constant stress of celebrating, small or big happiness, is taking its toll on the society. Everyone is in a rat race competing with the others as to who is better. You want to live in a society but in constant comparison and competition.  Your value in life is relative to the one standing next to you. You are richer, more intelligent, more creative or more successful. We are always in comparative mode to become superlative one day. In this process we lose our peace of mind and eventually become the worst version of ourselves.  To add to this chaos, even perfect can be perfected today. In the absence of any absolute perfect, there is a constant dissonance. These extreme comparisons are eating away our originality and our peace of mind. How can you compare a lion with a bear? Why should we be perfect at everything? Why can we not be mediocre in some? Even Universe is not perfect. The nature has its own fallings. But humans are racing for the mirage named perfection.  Because however hard you may try, there will always be a better version. As being perfect is a continuous process and not a final destination, the struggle continues.

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