Baking a Cup Cake is like Making a Life

When it comes to baking a cake, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Half of the journey passed procuring ingredients & remaining half preparing the cake with the procured ones. Baking cakes are quite similar making lives.

Missing any ingredient or putting the right ingredient at the wrong step could spoil the efforts put in.

All-purpose flour, sugar, essence, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa (in case chocolate flavour desired) or mango glaze (in case tempting over mango flavoured one), etc. Put together the ingredients needed & start baking.

Choices are Privileges, Choose Well.

Each & every step matters.To be preciese initial stages or ignoring begening could be fatal.
(Source: Verywellmind)

Either we want to be good or bad. We never want to be ugly. Each stage of development plays a deciding factor. Ignoring a stage of development at once & trying to fill-up the ignored essential later-on would surely turn life into a mess. Circumstances, situations, and people around us do this job for us. How a person behaves is very much decided by others. Strange, but true. We are all the creation of others.

An efficient baker can bake amazing cakes. Similarly, our appearance, demands, desires, and expectations are very much decided by others. Our parents, friends, teachers, relatives, neighbours, etc carve us according to their aptitude. What we are supposed to be, will be according to their capabilities.

Be real-Be reliable

When we are told by someone saying that “I am a self-made person.” is a lie. Such boastful statements are not at all reliable. A sensible person would not believe them but rather ignore them. They are the most harmful people around who got all the ability to misguide us toward believing in a false image of ours. If a person desires a truthful & healthy life, the person should leave the company of so-called “self-made” people.

Imagine a situation where a child is lacking enough amount of nourishment. The child is deprived of a healthy environment. She/He is not allowed to act & play freely and doesn’t have a friend circle even. Also, the people around are disinterested listening to her/him. *Here we are not discussing poverty, we are here telling the stories of isolated ones.*

Our Choices become our Fate

How it will be possible for every child to achieve graceful adulthood. She/He has to follow instinct inbuilt because he is deprived of necessaries. The child has to compromise her/his needs according to the availabilities. These settling & adjustments on requirements would serve the child as “ingredients mixed together in the form of batter.” Once it is done we can’t redo it.

The child would wander to find possible ways to live the fullest. In this process, the child has to opt at choices given by nature, surroundings, inspiration, etc. There are equal chances of selecting the correct choice or the wrong choice. We have to keep reminding ourselves of the fact that building a life is similar to baking a cake. Each step or procedure once over can’t be revised.

Hard Ground Realities/Spiritual Wishes

Procuring a baking -dish (a vessel, which can be put directly into the hot oven) is itself a task. Without baking-dish, cakes can’t be prepared. In the form of material things like a house, water, electricity, interactions with others, occupation we have to gain our owned baking-dish. We have to grease it with our sweat. Pour our predecided life batter into it & jump a leap of faith.

Developing Resistance

Then comes the most important process, which is putting ourselves on heat along with whatever we have in our making-baking-dish. Bearing every heatwave for the sake of ‘becoming something’ or developing. Staying in a preheated compressed environment is obligatory for all cakes, bakes, makes. In the name of learning & training, we are ready to adjust accordingly, where a person always feels overwhelmed. Putting ourselves confined to boundaries to gain the development often result in a permanent change of our basic nature & appearance.

In the process of deciding about the future in terms of qualification, company a person lives in, habits a person develops, likings & dislikings, etc are the deciding factor in shaping & structuring a person’s life. All of these are carving-crafting techniques.


The way a person presents herself/himself to others should not become the criteria for judging the person. We have to dig in a person a bit, to achieve conclusions about the person’s flavour, texture, taste, etc.

The whole process of baking decides the quality of the baked cake, the same way the whole process of a person growing -up as an adult should be analyzed before judging a person’s life.


We are all small portions of batter poured in different molds. The unique modular has shaped us the way we are. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, etc are made to cut at once & distributed to all the deserved, undeserved ones. They belong to belongings.

Cup-cakes are tiny in size when compared with conventional cakes but the unique characters of cup-cakes are unmatched for the biggies.

This festive season, let’s celebrate the quirky mien of cup-cakes.

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