Ashes Of Veracity

Gratitude & empathy are the keys to a satisfactory life. Life is full of adventurous and happy instances, the moments we can cherish. The time we would like to capture and keep it beside us. Life is a mystery to the unknown, love for the philosopher and hell for the misfortunate. But after all, ‘Life is Beautiful.’

Trust your intuitions! These are powerful messages from the almighty. You have that fire inside you that can lead you to the ladders of success. Everyone has a choice when it comes to some decision of life whether to see the positive aspects or see the negative side. Whereas negativity will force you to see the ungrateful instances, positivity will take you to the point of gratitude and empathy. One must always see within & around for the answers of gruelling circumstances. Howling over things outs of your hand will only lead you to ungratefulness. However, if you learn to see the grateful occasions you are blessed with and the people around then you will realise the worth of every bit of your life. Gratitude can help you overcome your sorrows and be courageous!

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Count your blessings, feel the love of your near ones, stop judging your self, love every single moment in your life as you will not get it back. Welcome each & every opportunity with open arms. Learn to be thankful for the auspicious occasions you get. Try to calm yourself when you find it doubtful to make a thoughtful decision and get in peace with your mind.

Be grateful! Life is amazingly beautiful so, live it up!

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  1. Full of self motivation, beautifully described importance of life.
    Looking forward to read more on such stuff.

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