Anchor Text

When we read a blog or we go through a website we might visit some links that proceeds us to a new page that is what Google call as ‘anchor text’. Well it is nothing but a highlighted word or a blue colour word that we press and it leads us to another page or website. For example for more information call here or click here. This Is an anchor text.


a blog link or a website link is always highlighted in light blue colour which directs us to another page or website.


Inbound link in a website indicate link for another web page but from the same web site. For example there is contact us on home page of a web site. Here the link is this is an inbound link.


it is an external link in a website that proceeds user to another web page. Basically it’s used for promotion of account on social media where we can provide the link and when the user will click it it directly opens the account page or the page you want user to land on.


when the Google want authentication from the website or Google wants references from website. For that our website has to appear on another website. For example ipubpro will appear on the times of india it’s good but if It will appear on some other that is non used to it will not make such affect on that.

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