Anchor Text- An Introduction

In any running text or write-ups when we find any specific word or phrase clickable and on clicking, it takes us to another webpage called anchor text. It is often visible in the blue underlined text but we can change website link colors or design with the help of HTML or CSS. Anchor text provides relevant information to the search engine and the users about the content of the destination of the link.

A Link

A link is a word or bottom used to guide/point to another location on a website. A link is also used to navigate online content. When you click on the link it will take you to another link which may be a webpage, document, or any online content.

Inbound Link

Inbound links come from your websites from other websites with different domain names. It makes a webpage visible in a search engine by raising page ranking. It attracts users to the webpage. It also increases the number of visitors.

Outbound link

An outbound link is a link that takes you to another webpage or website. There are two types of outbound links. First is Do follow and second is No follow. Based on the pattern of out-linking search engines determines the relevance of our webpage. It enhances the credibility of our webpage.

Outbound link targets webpage users who recognize our webpage as well as the backlink. It also boosts the value for readers.

For Example: This is my linkedin page


Backlinks are links from one page on one website to another. If someone links to your website, then you have a backlink from them. If you link to another website then they have a backlink from you. The backlink is essential because it helps to increase page authority.  Backlink helps google and other search engines determine which pages should rank the highest for a given query. A backlink can send you visitors through referral traffic. Backlinks make search engines discover the page faster. 

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