An Unforgettable Lunch

It was a bright sunny day. The school was full of the sound of children. I was all set for the day in school, jovial and energetic. The bell rang, we all gathered for the prayer. After the prayer was over, we were sent back to the classes. The periods were full of enjoyment and knowledge. By the end of the third period, I was feeling hungry. I saw my mother packing my favourite lunch, so the lunch was all over my mind and thus my craving was increasing. Somehow, the fourth period ended and the bell rang for lunch (super excited). All students were out of classes, washed their hands, and were ready for lunch. 

In my school, there were many neem trees which invited many birds and animals (like pigeons, sparrow, crow, monkeys). They all were present, especially during lunchtime. I was ready for my lunch as soon as I opened my lunchbox (relishing it with my eyes and my mouth-watering). I noticed a crow sitting on the nameplate of my class. I first avoided it as it was a regular affair. I shifted my focus from crow to my lunch. I ate my favourite “ Besan Toast, “ which my mother had packed for me with all her love. I ate my first toast relishing it. 

Suddenly, the crow started cawing and my attention went there although I tried to avoid it. I took out my second piece of toast and my eyes met the crow’s eyes. My toast was approaching my mouth for the lovely bite. To my surprise, before I could take a bite of my toast, the crow took it from my hands and flew away. It sat on the nameplate of the other class. I was flabbergasted. The event happened in a fraction of a second. I took the time to understand what had happened. The feeling was like a crow was saying to me -” I too have the right for delicious lunch.”

 I then started crying, and screaming. So, my seniors consoled me as I was a little girl in class 2. The bell rang and lunch was over, we all returned to the classes.

That day I was thinking was it a dream or a real event that has happened to me. I was also thinking that how could a crow take my toast from my hands at such perfect timing when I was about to bite it. At the same time, I was upset as I was not able to have my favorite toast.

When I returned home from school I narrated the incident to my mother. I told her -” I am sorry mummy, I was not able to finish my tiffin today.”. She hugged and kissed me. She said to me – “ I will prepare more toast for you and your new friend crow”., and she started laughing.

At that time being a child of seven years I couldn’t understand how much pain our mothers took to prepare our favorite food. But today as a grown-up girl I understand all the love, pain our mothers take for us. So this lunch of one fine day in school became my “ Unforgettable lunch “ for the rest of my life”.

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