It was the first day of my teaching in the school. There was a sense of pride and satisfaction as I walked home after school. It was one of the best schools in Ramapuram. My father, the great teacher in my life,  must be looking at me with pride from heaven. Indeed, he was a great teacher! I should also be like a great teacher like him, I said to myself. While walking amidst the crowd, something dashed across my mind suddenly. Today, being the first day, I should not have spoken to Manu in such a harsh way. But his behaviour was not at all tolerable to me. Always I speak without a second thought! Mom warned me about the same many times. As I reached home, the tuition students were already there. To meet both ends, I have no other way. Work…work.. no other way!  It was already dark when the students left.

Again busy schedule, … preparation for the next day’s lesson, prayer, dinner….. Narrated the events of the first day in the school with great excitement. Went to the bed with several thoughts, and fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly I heard a big sound. Got up, sat on the bed, and looked time. It was 12 am. I was sure something fell in the well. But what it must be. Should I go out? Without checking it how can I sleep? Very dark…there is no power. Unfortunately, the torch is not working. With the mobile torch let me check what it is. Someone sinking in the well. Fear overwhelms me. Whom can I call for help? No, I don’t call mom she will get upset. She is already down with a number of diseases. After the death of papa, she is very weak and upset. Yes, let me call my uncle, who is always ready to help. What  Lilly my sweet, from the other end of the call. Uncle, please come soon, something unfortunate happened here. Uncle reached immediately.

Uncle something fell in the well. What is that let me check, said the Uncle. My God !! its Manu. Manu…. why did you do that? Uncle …Anto uncle I, I did not do anything. I corrected him for his good. He was trapped in a drug cell. Oh……Manu why did you do so???… Nrrrrrrr…. Nrrrrr… the alarm rang, and I got up with the alarm. The rays of the dawn gave me new energy for the day, and I walked to the school with a relieved heart and new spirit.

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