Affordable siding repairs in Darnestown

To protect the basic structure of one’s house and to ensure it lasts longer, a protective layer is applied all over the house’s outside structure. This external protective layer is known as a Siding. The siding material used depends on the locational requirements and the look one wants for their home. The weather in Maryland typically ranges from hot and humid climates in summers to chilly winters. The siding material needs to be decided accordingly so that it lasts the wear and tear of extreme weather. Continue reading if you want to know more about the affordable siding repairs in Darnestown and the different types of siding options available.

Affordable siding repairs in Darnestown

Since time immemorial, humans prefer to live in a sheltered place. What inadvertently started with Caves, slowly turned into shelters made of leaves, wood, and an Igloo, and gradually into the use of bricks and mortar. The basic idea of any sheltered place is to protect the people living in it from any outside threat of animals, insects, bugs, or any extreme climate conditions. That is why a home is known as a safe place from the outside world.

There are various companies like Elegant Homes, GTA siding, Hynes construction, etc., which provide such siding services. Here, we will discuss Elegant Homes since they provide the most affordable siding repairs in Darnestown. Also, since the best customer reviews are for Elegant Homes, they are known to be more quality oriented than the rest.

Elegant Homes has been serving in Maryland for more than 40 years now and is known to be the most affordable siding repair in Darnestown. Elegant Homes is well aware of the locational requirements and has served over 10,000 clients till now who boast of the transparent communication, long-lasting handiwork, and excellent results which the company provides.

The affordable siding repairs in Darnestown used by Elegant Homes are:

·        PVC Siding: Polyvinyl Chloride Siding is stronger than Vinyl siding and lasts up to 60 years. The finishing of PVC sliding looks similar to that of wooden siding however, comparatively, PVC is known to be low maintenance. Since PVC is not prone to termite infestation, they are known to last longer than wooden siding.

·        Timber Siding: also known as wooden siding, provide a variety of options to choose from. There are multiple options available for timber siding. One can choose the exterior look they want to have for their home. However, wood attracts termites, hence, they are considered high maintenance. As beautiful as the design may seem from the outside, maintaining them could eventually get tiring.

·        Masonry Siding: Masonry siding means Stonework and bricks. In masonry siding, either stone veneers are used or solid stones. It needs to be properly interlocked and structured so that it lasts for as long as 100 years. Once cast, it is difficult to un-cast it for repair. Since single stones are used for masonry siding, these are heavy-weight stones and tend to reduce the floor area of your home. In case one is planning to relocate, masonry siding may not be the best option for that person.

·        Stone Siding: Even if stone siding looks gorgeous from the outside, they are among the expensive options. They are not easy to install and may not be suitable for each household. However, one always has the option to go for stone veneers, if they don’t want to compromise on the externally appealing look of their home. Stone siding can last for as low as 20 years, in case a faux-stone is used, or for as long as 70 years, with proper maintenance.

·        Stucco Siding: Stucco is a cement-like mixture applied on the external layer of a home. Like cement, it needs to be applied wet. It needs to dry up before any further work is done on that structure. These tend to grow mould and require the right climate conditions to allow the application to dry up. Stucco Siding can last for as long as 50 years however over time stucco siding may get pale in colour.

The most common among these is the PVC siding considering it is more economical and lasts for as long as 60 years. There are other long-lasting siding options as well like wood, which may last for as long as 100 years however, they are very high maintenance and are not known to be budget-friendly.

Extreme climate conditions like strong winds, hot and humid summers, heavy rains, and regular wear and tear due to insects, bugs, and other pests, tend to damage and eventually destroy the outer protective siding layer of your home. That’s where the affordable siding repairs in Darnestown, Maryland, come to the rescue.

The most common dilemma which people face is whether to go for a siding repair or to go for a replacement altogether. Choosing siding replacement, or even re-painting the old siding, the cost goes as high as $300 per square foot. Not to forget the extended number of days involved. The siding repair services provided by Elegant Homes could be as much as 60% less, depending upon the chosen material, not to forget the trained and licensed handymen, and the long-lasting results they provide.

You can directly connect with Elegant Homes at 301-509-6697 or mail at, for all your affordable siding repairs in Darnestown, and other handiwork project requirements.

Summary: Siding is the protective outer layer of your house which protects it from external damage. Elegant Homes, being one of the most affordable siding repairs in Darnestown is quality oriented and provides licensed Handymen, transparent costing and help to keep your homes beautiful, inside and outside.

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