Actors Death Not by Nepotism, but by Lack Of Vision

Now a day’s every other person is talking about nepotism. This word has gained so much attention. One film actor committing suicide has been a talk of the town. People are demanding justice. Many of them are planning to stop watching films because they think this industry is full of nepotism.

One question that has to be raised here is, is this the only industry where nepotism exists? The answer would be no. Every industry in this world is filled with nepotism. Every year so many people undergo depression. They lose their job. In extreme cases, many of them even commit suicide. But a story of a common man no one comes to know except his near and dear ones. The actor was a star so the story spread in a short period. People started creating their own stories for the reason behind the drastic step.

People who are planning not to watch films after the incident I have on a question to ask.  Why they are not leaving the industry where they are working, even that is full of nepotism. Many of them even could have related themselves with the actor. At some point in their carrier life, they have been the victim of nepotism.

Nepotism in the corporate world would mean the practice of making employment decisions based on relations. Hiring or promoting someone based on relation. Many competent talents are always left behind. This practice can be seen almost in every industry. 

This story has a different angle for me. For me instead of the blame game, the actor is the one who is too held responsible for such an act. Instead of thinking of some other option, he decided to end his. One should not forget when God creates blockage then he opens doors for some other opportunity. We just have to look around and find the open door instead of ending life. An educated person like him should have gone back to the field of studies and could have done something related to that.

One thing people tend to forget while taking the drastic step is that they don’t simply end their life alone. But even the life of their near and dear ones also ends there. Physically they don’t die but mentally they die every day by remembering the person.

Nepotism is growing in every profession. It cannot be eradicated. What one needs to do is have a backup plan in mind. This world is full of opportunities, all one needs is to look for one that can help in survival. The process may not be easy but it’s worth giving a try. Life is a precious gift of God. One needs to live it to the fullest. 

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