A struggle of a Teenager and Role of a Parent

Are we investing in kids so that they become our caretakers in future when we turn old? Aren’t we against the fundamental laws of nature restricting their freedom doing so? Is this real parenting? Expecting something in return for our deeds? Aren’t we selfish? 

Kids are the most precious gifts to any parents. Parents love their kids to the moon and back. But, being overprotective we often inhibit their curiosity of exploring life by themselves. Furthermore, we plan every bit of their life, depriving our kids of originality, struggle to survive, and combat against odds. Moreover, by doing so, we are installing pre-programmed chips into our kids and turning them into robots. As a parent, one should prepare their kids for the road, not make the road smoother for them, removing all the hurdles coming in the way. Parent’s affection shouldn’t stop kids soar heights. We should know when to let go, allowing them to embrace the ambiguity, explore life, and live life to the fullest.

Every individual would have crossed the teenage phase for sure, with a lot of confusion. Especially during graduation, one would be lying if they said they never compared themselves to someone better than them. Quite often, teens compare themselves with their peers and get caught in the feeling of unworthiness. Figures support the fact that nearly 61% of students face immense pressure to attain decent grades, and 29% of students take pressure to look more attractive. The comparison should let them understand their potential and unleash it, to thrive up in their career. But, always trying to be better than someone may unconsciously lead to self-destruction. One should admit that there will always be someone looking better than them or accomplishing more than they.

Most of the teenagers refrain from following their passion or dreams and start living to the expectations of the society or parents. They may lose to themselves constantly striving to prove their capabilities and trying to satisfy others. They fail within living to the expectations of others and not listening to their inner self. Letting others decide who you are, where you want to head to, or what you want to become; unknowingly, we are prioritizing others over ourselves. As quoted by Sadhguru,” we are just a speck of dust in this cosmic universe.” Your presence or absence is not going to affect the Universe in any means. So, do not live for others and don’t take life very seriously and get caught in the vulnerable feeling of unworthiness. 

To sum up, parents should be less judgmental and more supportive of their kids. They should allow their kids to venture and explore life. Allow them to make mistakes and rise from their fall. Allow them to learn from their mistakes to become better than what they were yesterday. Finally, my advice to every teenager is to listen to your heart and live every moment. Celebrate being you because you are unique and special and there is no replica for you. Furthermore, you can go on a gap year, figure out the ambiguity, and then go ahead to mark a niche in the field you choose. 

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